Rouge macro

Hey, i wanna ask why i can’t use this macro:

#showtooltip Slice and Dice
/cast Slice and Dice
/cast [mod:shift] Roll the Bones
is something wrong with it?

Hello. When you press macro it tries to execute the very first command possible and then the rest. And Slice and Dice is always possible in your case. The proper way to do it will be:

#showtooltip Slice and Dice
/cast [nomod] Slice and Dice
/cast [mod:shift] Roll the Bones

Or one line:

#showtooltip Slice and Dice
/cast [mod:shift] Roll the Bones;[nomod] Slice and Dice

Nah, it still doesn’t work, when im out of combat there is message like “you have no target”.
Roll the bones
Slice and dice
Thx for the help :slight_smile: .

/cast [mod:shift] Roll the Bones; Slice and Dice

Keybinds take priority over macro modifiers. By default SHIFT 1-6 are bound to Action Page. You’ll need to unbind them to use them as macro modifiers.

you want slice and dice and roll the bones on the same button, depending on if shift is pressed

but there are much greater possibilitys for example

if stealthed then

for a starter rogue i recommend keybinding your mousewheel aswell

  • mousewheel up
  • mousewheel down
  • shift+ mousewheel up ( own button )
  • shift+ mousewheel down

you can select that the camera zoom happens if you press alt+mousewheel for example
or just generally throw that away

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