[RP - A] The mighty Dwarven Legion!

Hello there! This is general Lighto Morvis. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this awesome community!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the mighty Dwarven Legion! We’re a 200+ members guild, exclusive fer Dwarves and our cousins Gnomes. Many fellow allies have already seen us marching through different parts of Azeroth. So did the Horde! Just recently we’ve successfully raided one of their camps in Eastern Kingdoms. The Legion is recruiting right now! Join us to experience the best adventures you can imagine and become an important part of our Lore!

The Dwarven Legion is well organized and developed. We already have:

  • a well-build rank system,
  • weekly big RP events,
  • the Guild Bank,
  • a developed Discord server,
  • a Facebook fanpage…

…and many more interesting things which distingush us!

Currently, we’re questing and doing dungeons. In the very near fufure, though, we’re gonna be doing raids and other more requiring challenges! Of course, the PvP section is just waiting fer the release of Battlegrounds… The Horde will remember each meeting against our mighty Army!

What’s more, we have a constantly unrolling Storyline which contains the Legion’s lore. Since it’s being developed based on our adventures, each soldier can become a part of it! When the Storyline has a lot of content, we will make it in the form of short books in hard copy fer the most devoted members of the Legion!

Visit our Discord channel for more info: https:// discord.gg/hrE7xEm (DELETE THE SPACE)

Ask fer invite in-game:

  • Blundergruff
  • Lighto
  • Thorgrimm