[RP Addon] Chat Clarity - Darken Chat Messages by Speaker Distance

Cross-posting this from the Argent Dawn realm forum ([AD Post Link]) for visibility to people on other RP realms.
I’m the developer of a new addon aimed at RPers:

CurseForge link: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/kvcd-darken-chat-messages-by-speaker-distance
WoWInterface link: https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info25882-KVCD-DarkenChatMessagesbySpeakerDistance.html

(Yes, the name needs work)

Downloads available at the links above.

This addon makes messages in the chat frame sent to /s, /y and /e darker the further away the speaker is from you. This makes it easier to focus on players RPing closer to you when in busier areas.

It also provides options to highlight friends’/guild-mates’/party-members’ messages with different colours to make them stand out in the walls of text that occur when multiple people are chatting nearby; or to add configurable prefixes to messages by the speaker’s relationship to the player (e.g.: [F] added before messages from friends, or [NPC] before messages by NPCs, etc.)

The addon disables itself during combat so that it doesn’t interfere with gameplay.

The darkening of the text is configurable in the addon’s options.


  • It should be compatible with other addons for the most part, but that depends on what the other addons are doing with messages added to the chat frame. I use MRP and Prat, myself; and it works fine with those.

Oh my goodness. This is fantastic. Does it have an option to alert you when somebody in chat uses your name? If not, then have you tested it together with Listener by any chance?


Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

I feel like “alert when name used” is really in the realm of what Listener is for, so I’m not likely to imitate that functionality. I use it alongside Listener myself without any issues, so that would be my suggestion for the best of both worlds!

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