RP Character-building, come share!


Good morning Hydration Nation!

I find that thinking about our characters in daily, casual situations helps us develop them, in having an intimate knowledge of these fictional people in our heards, and that’s what we’re doing in Tarren Mill’s Discord with little exercises and questions to help people establish their characters. Thought we might as well do it here. We can bounce questions and propose exercises for us to take part in.

So tell me Waterlords,

What’s one of your characters’ most embarrassing moments? One of those awkward, cringe-inducing situations that pop into their mind out of the blue years after the fact while doing their daily chores and it absolutely makes their skin crawl with embarrassment.


Fell face first down some stairs at the Church once, in-front of a whole load of people.


Slipped into the fountain while serving as a Priestess of Elune near Eldre’thalas many millenia ago.


Called the Bishop the wrong name during the Paladin Oath ceremony.


Messed up a valuable project in her family’s leatherworking business as a child, while trying to “help”.


In a different life, Richter accidentally called one of his (male) teachers “Mother” while on his way to being ordained as a priest during a pretty tedious lecture on the Virtues.


Just the other week, she was sneaking up to and away from a spectating crowd in the deeprun tram, as if it was a hostile cult gathering.

She still doesn’t know what she was thinking to not simply walk like any sane, normal person, so she’s left with embarassment and the sinking feeling that she needs a few moons off work.

(I produce enough on my own that I didn’t even need to make one up >_>’ )


Ah, had a bit o’ an embarrassing thing happening ta me last weekend.
I attended the drinkin’ competition tha’ the lovely people of Forest of Elwynn held at the Lions Pride Inn in Goldshire.

Ough ta have been a wee thing ta win, I thought. But, nay…
Don’ know wha happen, bu me head started spinnin, I stumbled a bit towards tha crowd and passed out, nearly crushin’ a wee gnome when I fell.
Auch… tha embarrassment!

Luckily, at least the strong lad Bete made sure a dwarf won the competition.
Good on ya, lad!


Elune’s mercy Master Dwarf!
You expect me to share something of that nature?

Well… if, for the sake of friendship you demand such a story, perhaps this will serve?

Perhaps seventy five years ago I was about the task of researching older Zandali dialects, as we knew of them, and as documented in the few remaining records that survive the various skirmishes we have endured over the centuries.

I had no compelling reason for this line of research you understand? I was merely curious, and also felt that our own accounts would benefit from more accurate translations. While pouring over a particular account of what appeared to be a diplomatic meeting between the (long disbanded) Starsinger Clan and an Amani faction called the Tuskgrinders (charming are they not? and by all accounts this attempt at diplomacy was a dismal failure) it struck me that the repeated use of the word ‘chaga’ was used in a context far removed from it’s usual source (betrayal by a friend).

What could this ‘chaga’ be referring to? Who were these betrayors? Intrigued I delved further into the crumbling scrolls, and there it was. ‘Shesh Rokh!’. This could only be refering to the fabled ‘Old Gods’ who are mentioned in our own earliest legends, like shadows on the edge of ancient stories. Could the Amani have some ancient links to these beings, were these the ones who betrayed them?

Excited, I raced to Warden Califax, who happened to be in the middle of his morning instructions.

The Warden patiently explained to me that the ‘Shesh Rokh’ was simply an informal term for beasts of burden, and not in fact the ‘Old Gods’.

The whole ‘betrayal’, was apparently a misunderstanding over the price of either pack mules or kodos.

My red face took several days to cool down.