*RP Event* GRAND OPENING of The Golden Archer

A freshly printed notice can be found posted on noticeboards in all Alliance capitals. It reads:

"Attention to all distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the Alliance. We are proud to announce the Grand Opening of much anticipated fine dining restaurant The Golden Archer on Thursday the 21st of November at 8pm.

You are invited to visit the restaurant in The Park in Stormwind for to experience a culinary journey across the Eastern Kingdoms and an exploration of the bold flavours of Kalimdor. To accompany your meal, our experienced sommelier has prepared a stock of fine wines to compliment our menu. For an unparalelled high class dining experience, come to The Golden Archer!

Cilla DuVernay
Proprietor of The Golden Archer"


Date and Time: Thursday 21st November - 20:00-22:00 GMT+1
Reservations: Unavailable at this time
Contacts: Guildmaster:- Cilla (In game), Moroseth#1716 (Discord)

This is an RP event for people interested in being a patron at our restaurant, and will recur every Thursday for the foreseeable future (excluding holidays). The IC theme of the restaurant is fine dining, so it is expected that characters who attend the restaurant have the IC wealth to afford to eat there. Please be aware however that we will not be charging any in game currency to take part in the event, as we don’t wish for OOC level to be a limiting factor for RP.

If your character can’t afford to eat at a fancy restaurant, please do come and take a look anyway if you’d like your character to experience some snooty derision at the hands of our serving staff! Those characters who do manage to get a seat in the restaurant can expect silver star service, a fine meal and a chance to mingle with other wealthy and influencial characters who can afford to eat at The Golden Archer!

Please note that the venue has very limited seating for guests, and for this first event we will not be accepting reservations. This will be a first come, first serve arrangement so there may be queueing involved.


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