RP Guild Suggestions?

Hello there!

I’m considering making a Forsaken warlock for RP purposes, and was wondering whether you fine lot could recommend a guild or two. I’m also wondering what the state of Horde RP is right now, and whether there is an RP guild that also partakes in (relatively frequent) RP-PVP events, as well as bands together on an OOC level to do content (at least M+). So, yeah. Thanks for reading; I’m looking forward to your replies.

Where does your Forsaken stand on Sylvanas? If they’re a Loyalist, my first recommendation would be a guild you were probably already aware of.

To be honest, I’ve not yet decided. But, for the purposes of this thread, let it be known that I’m not necessarily looking for a Forsaken-exclusive guild. As for RG, they’ve crossed my mind.

This guild’s cropped up recently and looks very promising. Their thread is full of nothing but good praise!


If you want something a little less military maybe Red Venturers. We’re Horde loyal and work with military and other guilds too.


A Horde warlock coven would be very cool!

I would recommend Rotgarde if you want to rp a loyalist. Grim Gest might also be an option.

I reccommend The Blackward, they’re a horde warband guild of all mix of races who i’m sure would have space for an undead warlock! OOC good people and IC known to frequent rppvp

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