RP Guild: The Cult Of Nerzhul

Talking about a Horde RP Guild called The Cult Of Nerzhul, we will be Scourge emissaries from Northrend. The guild won’t be race exclusive but I would prefer you to be undead, and a warlock, mage or warrior, and if priest then preferably a shadow priest. I would like to hold underground meetings, and create a main base of operations possibly in the plague lands, since we will be trying to spread the plague and create a large amount of followers that go unseen. Send me a message on battlenet if you’re interested

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I’d be very much interested in some future concepts alongside your guild, the Vengeance Footguard focuses on the Forsaken military, could see some healthy RP conflict in the future.:slight_smile: I’d also be interested in making a character for this guild, sounds like a fruitful, unique idea and I can’t wait to see you guys around!

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