RP Misfit Characters?

Did anyone said cultist?

There is a cultist guild around.
But shh it’s a secret cult.

Taking orders from someone else? Poor sod… Im a master.

My character more has a … mutual agreement. He gets fun things and protection, the one he follows gets his knowledge, experience, sneaky side, all that!

Pfff, what do you take me for, a servant?!

Why yes my good fellow.

This, exactly. It feels incredibly passive aggressive actually. I’m just asking a question? Rather than have us folks suffer in our minority… we could actually seek each other out for Rp. I don’t want to build a guild.

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It’d be nice to be amongst other Rpers who don’t condemn/Not interact with someone based on the fact you Rp a warlock/necromancer/other. The KING of Stormwind/The Alliance welcomed them into the fold years and years ago (warlocks, Death knights – heck demon hunters which if they lost their SANITY could cause chaos). Any good Lock knows not to summon demons in Stormwind. lol.

Just a place for chars who don’t adhere to Knightly/ Holy RP. I’m rather sick of it tbf.

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As a big time cult lover it would be great to see some around more.
As Hennag puts it though a lot of people are put off wanting to manage a guild, and I don’t blame them. Being a guild leader is a thankless and exhausting job at the best of times and worse when you’re being sabotaged (both passively and unintentionally and actively and intentionally) by other forces.

All it can take is a single guild member kicking enough of a fuss up in the community and spreading undue toxicity across the place, even if they aren’t aware of themselves doing this.
Not to mention certain niches of rp are jealously guarded by some groups of players and guilds who doggedly go out and attack others for doing things different to their established “way”.

I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to deal with that that.

Yes but this goes against the popular RP meme of “you need a loisence bruv” for anything that isn’t human male paladin sanctioned rp, and we can’t have that.
What’s even more loathsome is you will have players just passively meta that you’re a Warlock, Shadow Priest, even an entirely different race simply because they checked your rp profile and suddenly know this, despite it not being obvious logically on first glance.

I cannot count the number of times when I was in Twilight’s Hammer that people just stared at the guild tag and immediately went into AMOGUS state (i think we should start using that as a term for bad roleplayers who metagame, the AMOGUS state) not because my rp profile said “hello i am a cultist” but because they saw the guild name.
It’s an excellent exercise in finding who’s worth your time to rp with and who isn’t honestly at least.


Couldn’t really say it any better. Nice to see some reasonable folk around. :slight_smile:

Let’s see those cults now that most of our religions have been proven false.

Dear Holy Light,
you claim to be righteous but in fact you still exist and perform genocide against those who do not adhere to your rigidity?

Turning Point Ny’alotha.

Then you get more leeway than before.

There are some known guilds around that do hire necromancers, hemomancers and warlocks even though they are just some adventure guilds. On the basis that your character uses the magic for ‘doing good’.

The hardship will start if you actually want to go against the established order, meaning if your character starts to annoy people or do what is considered bad/evil.

If you’re looking for a cult, as the others said, you will get meta-gamed. The only way to avoid it is to go dark and use hidden community rather than a guild tag. And then stripping every meta information from your profile (Auras are often headcanon).

I knew a guild that would have been a great fit for you but they stopped playing months ago sadly.


You can side step this by naming your cult something inocuous.

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There is an Alliance version of the the guild I’m in (Pact of Hay) but I think it’s on hiatus 'cos they couldn’t find any officers. The Cleft of Shadow is a Shadow Council guild. Here’s our thread; [PCU] Legion Remnant RP - Shadowbane Coven 😈

Check it out, maybe you could play with us c:

I can contribute to this. As a follower of N’Zoth it’s really hard to find others with similar mindset. Even if I was lucky enough to not get metagamed, it’s still difficult to do the cultist things. As it should be, really.

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Your right to think is revoked.

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I defy your edict. The point was that my oddball characters don’t fit.

For my guild at least we’re Goblins and Goblin society is far more lax in its attitudes towards people with dangerous powers and magics. It goes with the ‘anything to win’ archetype of Goblins to hire them as long as they don’t worship Old Gods or anything. The Bilgewater Cartel is especially lax I’ve seen due to them not minding aiding institutions like the Royal Apothecary Society, but in my guild we draw the line at Old God worship because of course Old Gods/Twilights Hammer caused Bilgewater Port to be destroyed.

So really it depends on the race you play as/try to integrate your character into the society of as to whether they’re easy or difficult to RP. If your character is truly seeking a place where they fit in and are willing to travel to find it instead of playing off the concept of being in a society that doesn’t understand them, your character will be willing to go out there and find people who accept them.

And we should all be very thankful for that. I’d rather see a high elf civilian rather than a void elf one. Velves are such a niche that they’ve no business tending bars and running shops. They should be all elite fighters.
And don’t even get me started on not RPing the whispers in their head or void power usage correctly. If one of them starts willy nilly summoning void tentacles in the middle of Stormwind again, then get butthurt when people are drawing swords, I’ll lose my very little remaining marbles.
So the less people that play them, the better impact of one’s presence is.


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