RP plans in Pandaland during the Panda Event?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if people had any plans RPing in the upcoming Pandaria-remix event. If so I’d be interested to hear what you are interested in exploring and if not, i’d like to hear your reservations with it if you have any.


From what I understand, the remix event is a separate client, like Plunderstorm was, and it doesn’t bring any new locations, nor does it restore the original Vale before its corruption in 5.4. As such, I see no reason to RP in this version of Pandaria over the main world one.

no it is the same client. the characters you make for Remix are in the same character list as all your previously levelled characters. these characters can use Addons and join guilds just like a regularly leveled character would.

Remix just locks your character to Pandaria content, and gives you access to a completely new gearing system.

I was thinking the Tavern in the Mists could become the unofficial hangout spot for folks looking for RP given it’s remote and shouldn’t get too much traffic from folks doing quests! I’ll defo be lurking there on my new panda.


I can’t see anyone RPing on the Pandaria Remix servers, lol

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Well. Not really any plans for me, as WoW Remix is a secondary time line in where you are locked till you are done helping the Infinite and Bronze flights.

Nah, it have only 3 months, don’t see reason to RP there at all. Get it and grab as much stuff you can before it ends.

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I’ve friends who have a semi-in-character explanation to the alts they level in the Remix, such as people assisting the flights involved, but beyond that, I don’t think I know anyone planning on properly roleplaying in it.
Limited number of zones, limited timespan, and a pretty hefty OOC activity are all reasons why I don’t particularly think it’d be worth it, even if I’m sure pretty fun ideas could be thought of for it. I’m just gonna focus on getting all the shinies I want for roleplay outside it.

Weird amount of “I see no reason” in this thread. A setting 12 years into the past with Gilneans fresh in the Alliance and Pandaren rejoining a warlike world after thousands of years of peace? One of the most bloodthirsty faction conflicts in the history of the game? No? You can’t come up with why that would be an appealing setting to anyone?

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And also a setting which lasts 3 months only and then gets deleted. This is only a content to avoid content drought before TWW release, not MoP classic.

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I like the idea of people roleplaying characters that go back in time to assist the Bronze Dragonflight and their Infinite allies.

I equally also like the idea of someone roleplaying their characters’ past selves if that means getting a bit of the faction conflict kick a lot of people have been missing for a while.

More power to them, even if it’s an event limited by time. Three months is a lot of time to farm out what you want and do a bit of flashback RP, if you ask me!


I had a short RP session in MoP Remix during Sunday’s weekly Wanderer’s Festival at Turtle Beach with the person I group quest with through the Remix, who also plays a Pandaren, which was really nice.

We are also semi IC when questing.

My Panda Remix character by the way is a clone of this one.

I saw few people RP in the world. Mainly while questing. It is nice to see as always.
As for me I will mainly be using this event to finally create pandaren RP character, I wanted to do for a while, explore zones/quests/get pandaren themed stuff since I did not play during original Mop so I can bring them over to regular RP after the event

I did write a TRP for my ‘Velf’ Death Knight but unlikely ill ever actually RP in Remix. Given how its limited time, and those Bronze requirements are pretty yikers, all time goes to just… Playing the event and becoming more powerful!

That, and being IC while questing is a bit of a questionable thing for me personally. The Player Character is a great big hero who does all the raids and clears all the content and can survive a 10 v 1 against the Alliance mobs. My characters can’t do that IC.

In short, the player character is too powerful for me to RP him!