🛡 [RP Project] Stormwind Community Lawbook

Can’t access it. On phone.
Can you just copy paste some for me and others to see here?

Just 3-5 and their supporting quests. It really helps.

  • The quest [The Legend of Stalvan] declares that one who commits murder and “countless crimes” is to be executed.
  • The quest [Colonel Kurzen] indicates that one who deserts the Stormwind Army or leads a soldier rebellion is to be executed.
  • The quest [Crime and Punishment] in Duskwood declares that stealing and selling corpses is a crime punishable by death, then sending you to slay Dextren Ward.
  • The quest [Solomon’s Law] in Redridge declares that aiding one who “uses the Arcane to spread terror and misery upon our town and our people” is punishable by death.
  • The quest [Manhunt] in Elwynn Forest declares that “taking gold from our mines” and “stealing from the kingdom” is punishable by death. This is also supported by the quest [The People’s Militia] in Westfall.
  • The Dungeon Journal entry for [Randolph Moloch] in the [Stormwind Stockades] directly states that embezzlement, fraud, theft and homicide are all valid criminal charges. It also gives “Convict #AC317” as his prisoner designation, hinting that the Stockades has an organized prisoner roster.
  • The presence of iron maidens, stretching racks, and other torture implements in the [Stormwind Stockades] implies that Stormwind tortures its prisoners.

Sorry for bad formatting. Also from a phone right now.


So actually reading this, it’s just a collection of references to quests that cite laws. This isn’t a headcanon project like the initial kneejerk reaction implied.


Are there any quests that don’t call for death however?
These quests are tailored for the typical WoW quest. This person bad. Use your keybinds until their body is laying down and sparkling.

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No no. They have own project but separately they have compiled canon laws for reference / general knowledge and mention on their wiki fandom page.
Its just generally good to know that canon wise we jave many punishments via death and torture. Instead of knowing nothing.

That i dont know. I personally think that death punishment is a result of a mechanic. Easier to kill than just to come and cite da law and arrest npc. As quests like these were written some decade ago. I also would like to note that this document may or may not be out of date.

That’s where I see a lot of issues arising then.
You have plenty of quests to support killing evil doers because thats how the mechanics of quests work.

But when it comes to petty crimes, we don’t have many examples because who asks the murder hobo to… not murder?

That’s where the guards come in. They deal with the petty stuff, but without examples, how do you know?

This is were the head canon comes into question and why there IS a kneejerk to it.

What do you suggest then?

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We know that theft in Stormwind doesn’t warrant a death penalty even for repeat offenders. Shaw’s grandma was a three time arrested thief who at that point was practically a regular at the Stockades until the SI:7 intervened to conscript her into their service so that she would at least be useful if she kept on breaking the law.

Kul Tiras on the other hand executes thieves on first offense. Flynn’s mom was also a thief, and she hanged from first theft. They also just love to execute people in general with the public hangings in Boralus over things like price gouging, racketeering, money lenders who gamble with other people’s fortunes, etc. and that’s without touching on violent crimes.

Kul Tirans just love public hangings, they do. Gets the whole crowd going.


What did she steal and from whom?
If its an expensive item from a noble with more sway, I wouldn’t be shocked if they pushed for another hanging.
If it was a random other pauper, it’d seem a bit more off.

Put simply?

Don’t try and make it a ‘rule book’. Just keep it simple.

Give me five crimes that a typical guard rper would encounter in Stormwind.

She was a bartender who moonlighted as a pickpocket, stealing this and that to make the ends meet and raise her son. And when she got caught, she got publicly hanged in Boralus in front of a cheering crowd.

I can but just because 5 happen frequently, doesnt remove others crimes off less frequency like fraud or embezzlement.

Look, Id love to debate on it but i dont want to sit and defend it. Those who like the idea and want to contribute- cool. Those who wont and dont want to use it or have it be used on them - also cool and totally fair.

Its here as an option. A guideline. Not a rule or law to dictate who must do what rp. Its the same as i can offer you a cup of coffee. You can drink it or skip it. :slight_smile:


You can. But you don’t.

You don’t want to discuss it either.

I think this tells enough. And makes my first post here correct.

This won’t end well.

If I’m honest, with you suddenly not wanting to discuss it makes it seem like you won’t be very compromising with the law book in RP.

In the dark ranger thread you did mention about just ignoring dark ranger RPers.

Am I to be ignored as I dont fully agree with a lawbook


This is exactly why this “lawbook” shouldn’t be used. You’re falling into the same pitfalls as all the others who have tried to control public RP have fallen into.

So, inb4 “it’s okay if you don’t play along, but then you will be put on serverwide ignore.”

Just no.

Other than that, while I am a jurist IRL, law RP is seldom fun. It’s procedural and tends to drag out or cause drama.

I’m getting Vietnam flashbacks to the trial in Darnassus a few years back that dragged on all night only to result in the “death” of the accuser at the hands of the accused…


Yeah I get ya, already sounds a helluva lot better than the previous lawbook/court installations Ive seen in the past, wish you guys the best of luck with it, Im sure all those involved who wish to engage can add layers to their rp with this.

This doesnt sound like an attempt to control the server and its rp, many people have and still to this day do try to control the server and its rp, but from my knowledge, this particular guild has never so far, it seems there is a discord for those who wish to engage in this to discuss it, chances are they just dont wanna be having the exact same convo here on the forums that they are likely already having in that same very discord, like stated, if you wish to engage by all means do, if not? cool, its opt it.
Edit: Just to add, you cant really control the server with a Stormwind Guard guild lol, last time I remember a guard guild having abit too much clout was because all their alts was also in the court/church guilds, that isnt the case anymore, and no one can really control Alliance, despite how much they may try, it isnt Horde, aint nobody taking over the Alliance lol, people can just create a huge community with numerous other guilds the moment someone tries dictating too much, as we have seen.

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What does this even mean?

Actually no, never mind. I’m smelling anti-PCU all over your post and I don’t feel like derailing this thread.


It means the obvious, Horde was able to be taken over relatively easy, the Alliance isnt the same, as I stated, we have -seen- that the Alliance cant be taken over, you mentioned PCU not me, I just mentioned the difference in landscape regarding those tryna control “rp” like mentioned, take your attempts to cause an argument elsewhere Gabrindion, your getting boring now, fella.