🛡 [RP Project] Stormwind Community Lawbook

This is the problem. You can just pass blame off to the people mis-using the law book instead of just not using the law book period.

Stopped reading there
Nothing good ever came out of Moonguard US

when you dance on the border of creating some sort of server canon with intent to subject everyone under it, you’ve gone full Moonguard, and you NEVER go full Moonguard.


Without me joining the discord, what group of guilds are currently involved in writing the lawbook, if you don’t mind me asking?

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This might be of great interest to anyone else who’s on the fence regarding whether they want to be part of your initiative or not. Please list them!


Stop changing race.

But yes, who’s this by?

For the same reasons of privacy, I won’t give exact names but I can say that our local newspaper, two criminal guilds, one shop (and a GM of another shop but they are not on the discord, just contribute to it via DMs with me), a military and a foundation guilds. I’m sorry for the vagueness here but I hope it can bring some sort of reassurance.

Fair enough, then you can just not mind this project. :slight_smile: As I said it earlier. It’s only inspired by a single fact. The rest has little to do with Moonguard.

So… a bunch of guilds with no names, too afraid to make themseelves known but happily contributing to a law book. Of course. If it’s such a good idea, why won’t they announce themselves?

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Because I did not ask them if it’s okay to state so. Thus I don’t know if I have this right and it’s easier to give a summarized answer for now. I can ask them, though.

Absolutely zero reassurance. Mentioning a list of guilds is not prohibited by the terms of use of the forums, player characters are.

More importantly why would you keep this confidential but still post on the realm forums to garner more support and even state that having a gaggle of guilds supporting this is some sort of guarantee for quality?

You’ll spare the forum dwellers the hassle of using Discord for yet another RP initiative (something many are extremely tired of) and at least prove that your core of contributors are good folk.

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The fact that they are afraid of stating guild names suggests they’re of poor quality.

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To be honest it can be genuine courtesy that their guild tags aren’t plastered on a forum post.

Up until it’s stated they don’t want this, then it’s more than possible their reputation isn’t that good outside of their bubble.

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If they aren’t willing to have themselves named, why are they willing to create a public law book?

You’re missing a point. I’m just being cautious here simply because I have not asked them. Not that they stated they wish to be anonymous or under the radar. I just haven’t asked them. Hence initial vague answer.

Can you ask them?

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The OP mentioned they haven’t asked, which is why I said it can just be a matter of simple courtesy. I’d rather give the benefit of the doubt, even when there’s basically a dozen red flags already from how this initiative planned and conveyed.

I am aware and yet, they are more than happy to contribute something that would/could effect an entire server. You can’t have a community project with hidden contributors, or you can but it’d be redic

In short: Doesn’t strike me as a good project with good intentions.

Join the disc, Ten, alot of suggestions going on, regarding punishments, stuff that encourages rp such as “penal duties” ect, instead of just sitting in a cell for a “week” blackscreen, (penal duties acting almost like bounties, n other things to be discussed depending on what type of char is given one, fighter or otherwise.)
Edit: To add, Bail aswell, so your not just left in a prison/cell for a week, but have to answer bail on whatever days are agreed, theres alot of discussion going on that would lend to actual meaningful rp.

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I’ve asked the guild masters, they agreed and totally fine with their guilds being shared. Sorry for this delay, as I said, I didn’t want to do something without asking them first.
Guilds so far are:

  • Amber Foundation

  • Red Dagger Cartel

  • Grey Maisons

  • Freeblade Company

  • Lion’s Roar

  • Bureau of Investigations

  • The Backpack

and of course, my guild :slight_smile:
*Sorry I accidentally mistook Freeblade Company for Unit Decima, head goes potato potata.

How many of those guilds are “Guard guilds” & Which are “Criminal” guilds?

And if there are guilds there who perform neither roll, why are they involved at all?

Presumably they’ll be in agreement in following the lawbook.