RP= Role play ? or RP= Rip play

Basic Expectations on RP Servers
In addition to Blizzard’s normal in-game Naming Policies (US, EU), players on Roleplaying servers are expected to abide by the rules outlined in the Role Playing Policy (US, EU). In summary, players should:

Create a name that fits within the World of Warcraft universe. Remember that rules for Roleplaying servers are in addition to the regular Naming Policy (US, EU) . “Iwillcrushyou”, “Roguesftw” and “Shammysrule” are examples of names that would be against the Roleplaying Naming Policy.
Stay in character in /say, /yell, in emotes, or any other channel used for roleplaying. This means no discussion of real life events or people in these areas. Players should also take the time to spell out words and phrases. Refrain from using internet jargon and acronyms such as “lol” or “pwn”.
An example of what is to be expected on a role playing server, using a pirate theme based character:
-Ahoy mateys! Ya’ll never guess what loot was that ol’ witch packin’ into the treasure chest
-All beak and no bite as usual Salty, spill the beans or take a walk down the plank!
Also, an example of what is NOT acceptable in a role playing server:
-rofl guys i just pwned 5 nubs in stv
Maintain a positive atmosphere for roleplaying. Harassment of other players is never tolerated.

And im asking now. Where is it on my RP Defias BrotherHood server ? cause i dont see anyone doing such a stuff :slight_smile: change the servers name from RP= Role Play to RP= Rip Play :slight_smile: Please watch what you people do cause is bad. Learn some from ESO= Elder Scrolls Online maybe you will understand the RP word what it actually means

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