[RP] The Open RP Event Calendar đź—“


These events either don't have fixed dates or happen rarely (for example once a year).

- None at the moment!


These events happen on a fixed date every week or month.

- [N] Greeting the New Moon
Monthly, first Sunday of the month. Stormwind – the cliffs south of Mage District.
Starting at 21:00.
An ancient Kaldorei tradition, now observed in Stormwind. Weapons are not allowed. Neutral as long as everyone remains civil.

- [A] Evening at the Forge
Monthly, last Friday of the month. Ironforge – The Military Quarter.
Starting at 20:00.
A dwarf-centric social gathering with food and drinks. All people of the Alliance are welcome to come and join the joyful lads and lasses.

- [N]/[A] The Botany Band
Weekly, every Monday. (Legion) Dalaran – the Greenhouse.
Starting at 20:00.
Gatherings focused on adventurous study of plant life. Faction availability is set on individual basis—check the event threads for details.

- [N] The Monthly Storytelling Night
Monthly, last Sunday of the month. Gadgetzan - the area with tables and benches.
Starting at 20:00.
A night of tales and fables, attracting participants from all corners of the world to come and share (or enjoy) all sorts of stories both real and made up.

- [N] The Jewelers Retreat
Weekly, every Saturday. Location varies.
Starting at 16:00.
additional event at Wednesday 20:00 in the tavern at the dwarven district
Weekly adventures focused around all things mining—crystals, gemstones, rocks, precious metals and so on. Location is set on individual basi—check the event threads for details.

- [N] The Shattrath Market
Monthly, last Saturday of the month. Shattrath – the Lower City near the Orphanage.
Starting at 20:00.
A monthly market where players can sell and buy different wares. Stall owners are asked to contact the organizers (Maradan-Moonglade for Alliance, Hathorion-Moonglade for Horde) before the event.

- [N] Fisherman’s Friend(s)
Monthly, first Friday of the month. Booty Bay.
Starting at 20:00.
Fishing the fish with fellow fishermen, sharing fishing tips and stories.

- [N] Rei’s Cooking Class
Monthly, last Wednesday of the month. Pandaria, Halfhill Market.
Starting at 20:00.
A culinary workshop featuring new recipes every month, a relaxed atmosphere, and access to copious amounts of good Pandaren booze.

- [N]/[A] Murder Walk
Monthly, third Friday of the month. Location varies.
Starting at 20:00.
A tour of certain locations that explores the local ghost/crime/mystery stories. Faction availability is set on individual basis—check the event threads for details.

And more to come! :star:

As the open RP initiatives keep popping up, I figured it would be nice to have a quick summary of where and when the various realm happenings are occurring. This is yet another wiki post to make it possible for people to add (or edit) their events on their own. For more information, keep an eye out on specific event-related threads posted by the event runners!

- This thread assumes that the time is always listed as SERVER TIME to avoid trouble with different timezones.
- Faction availability is marked with tags: [N] – Neutral / [A] – Alliance / [H] – Horde.
- For proper experience during neutral events, please bring Elixir of Tongues (sold by Fizzi Liverzapper in Dalaran Underbelly for around 25g).

Let’s continue providing the realm with open RP that welcomes visitors and contributors with open arms! :beers:


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