[RP] The Purple Cohort <The Lions Sword>

The Purple Cohort is a regiment of the Seventh Legion of the Alliance Army, most commonly known as the King’s Own. During the third opening of the Dark Portal, the Purple Cohort was almost completely wiped out in an attempt to stop the invading demons. Resourceful veterans and heroes of the Alliance have recently decided to revive the prestigious regiment and put it to work under new leadership for the glory of the Alliance.

The regiment is designed for a single purpose: to present a variety of threats to all enemies of the Alliance using versatile guerrilla tactics and small combat units, with the aim of reclaiming once lost territories and inflicting severe damage on the enemy, be they part of the Horde, a band of thieves such as the Defias, traitorous mages or marauding ogres. We WILL reclaim Lordaeron, we WILL reconquer the lands of the south and east of Stormwind, we WILL prevent the Defias from bolstering their forces again and we WILL retake Gnomeregan!

What you can expect from us:

We are a pure roleplaying community, with the goal of having roleplay as our first and only priority to live up to the name of an RP-PVP server. Our server is still comparatively young and small and our experience has shown us that it is now time to passionately stand up for our idea of good roleplay if we want to revive this way of experiencing the game. This idea is based on lore-oriented game and character concepts, consistent role-playing and a system of rules for fights, which guarantees fun for all participants. Playing easy-D&D in a World of Warcraft setting without having to leave your home?! Corona approves.

We will offer role play every week, be it in the most dangerous fights this side of the Dark Portal, in front of the cosy fireplaces of our base or while visiting allies. Characters will develop themselves and sometimes a life of their own if we give them the chance to live through stories and epics together with other players. We offer a community that sees roleplaying not just as an accessory or duty, but as something that many of us have come to appreciate and love over the years: Writing history together.

We are currently looking for soldiers of all levels who are enthusiastic about role play and would like to join our cause. Thanks to our rather generous mandate from the Alliance, we can serve many different objectives and areas of operation, so characters of almost all races are welcome (there might be cases that need a second glance, a dark iron dwarf for example)

But to build up a base and providing troops also means that we’ll need to have many different civilian characters aswell! So don’t be afraid to join our military order, even if you don’t want to play as the stereotype-stormwind-guard-guy/gal. We have need for blacksmiths, leatherworkers, doctors, merchants and all other kinds of characters you could see in such an environment.

In case you are interested, or having questions about us, please /w Koldin !

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