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Hello Everyone.

I’m not a RP player, but I like creating a backstory for my characters.
I would go as far as creating a new one if I alter it. Like when I wasn’t happy with my TBC era BE Paladin.
I created a new one with a new backstory.

My question regarding RP is how it works, when your character is presented with the game story events ?

I struggled with BFA events on my Horde characters, to the point I had to completely blacklist the war campaign and anything related with Nathanos and Sylvanas.


  • WoT event. This one you could skip.
  • SoU is not available any more.
  • When Nathanos orders your character to execute Sira Moonwarden, you can refuse to do it. But you still have to kill and resurrect a couple of NEs.
  • You still have to do shady stuff during the War campaign.

How RP would work in this context ?
Can you do the quests and than state:
“My character wasn’t part of it ?”.

So far the only solution I found was pretending they defected the Horde as soon as they arrived in Zuldazar. For new characters. That means avoiding any shady quests: War campaign.
Others that were leveled during BFA, took part on the siege of Undercity, did some Darkshore quests, Warfronts but left afterwards. Meaning nothing else was done afterwards.

What’s your opinion ?

Thanks for your attention.

OOC leveling/questiing/WQ/Mog hunt is not necesarily reflected IC
You could integrate the quests/campagain story in to your story, but most of the time its better to keep it simple
But in the mean time, they could be a source of drama and development; for example the shady stuff of the War campaign, siege or warfronts
Take Zuldazar for example; you don’t have to be part of the team that saved Talajin and escorted home, you simply joined later, hopped on a ship, military vessel carrying troops, reinforcement or a cargo ship delivering goods to the Golden City… you went there to see the fabeled city of the Zandalari, piligrimage to the shirnes of the Loa (especially Bwonsamdi if you are a Darkspear, the Necropolis in Nazmir is your Vatican basically) and on the way you had a tons of adventures, excitment, met funny fox people, fought snake guys, helped some turtles… or whatever your little heart desire that makes your backstory/character a personality
War and conflict is nice and all, but sometimes life is more interesting without them


Thank you, that was very informative. :smiley:


Well roleplaying in ever changing and dynamic world is tricky. Reason why every lore figure regards player as a “champion” is because there are millions of “champions” worldwide.
Much like with raids or just general questing. There is always a lore figure present. An army fought lich king. For instance my blood elf warlock was among those who left with Kael’thas Sunstrider originally, she later returned back as part of the scryers, was part of Shattered sun offensive as well. That is plausible, because the lore is set already, we create and tell stories WITHIN the lore. Another example could be…my character was part of the expedition to Stormheim led by Sylvanas personally, but they were just part of battaglion Sylvanas took with her. We did not fight Greymane personally, Nathanos did.


Thanks you Arshya.

For the moment I decided to write my characters stories as people that left the Horde and worked for Magni and Wrathion.
Some helped Princess Talanji but that was it.
Which makes sense as most of them just landed in Zuldazar and did nothing else.

I decided to make another group of characters, to go through the more darker quests for the moment.

  • Goblin Rogue level 50.
    This is the only character, I had previously that never strugled with the quests as i consider him a mercenary paid by the highest bidder. Which somehow fits the PC, as we get rewarded all the time, either by gold, gear or XP.

  • Orc Warlock level 50.
    She’s a demon summoner enough said.

  • Orc Hunter level 50.
    She’s a Orc so she followed Saurfang, instead of Sylvanas.

  • Forsaken Warrior level 5 (still working on it).
    He died because his foolish commander wanted glory and sacrificed his entire company in a vain battle.
    Never again will he be a cannon fodder, which is why he would chose to follow Saurfang instead of Sylvanas.

Sadly it seems each quest is now a mine that needs to be disarmed by this group before others can do it . :frowning_face:
I might consider making a different story as suggested by everyone here like doing the quest and say my character wasn’t part of it in the future.



In my beginnings of WoW roleplay, someone who was leaving WoW that time told me nice example of what we “could” do. They said “each quest or event in the game is usable in roleplay, you just need to find a way how to make them part of your story. There is nothing wrong saying your character served in Hand of Vengeance. What would be wrong is saying they rode with Sylvanas through Silverpine. But not that you fought in the war.”


You can always explain how your character didn’t do it if it was impossiblenot to b there you also add that you botched/feinted the execution , that is your character ( for example when asked to kill the already drowning hordes troop from the hatefull and little craze rogers , Rainblood heavily answered she was a warrior not an engineer/artificer and last time she used a canon or explosives it exploded against our interest and was detrimental. )

You could always say you botched and tricked the blightcaller there was so many kaldorei to execute than you took some a little further and stunned them and doing superficial non lethal cut as a master warrior and or hunters of our caliber with countless campaign under our belt such things is easy for us then came back claiming your reward and even if needed bringing the heads of some kaldorei that were amready executed but not by you, laughting in yourself knowing you didn’t kill the prisoners but the blightcaller being by nature hastily statisfied of his ennemies demise felt for it.

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