[RP, vulpera specifc] Vulpera looking for an RP home!

Hey there!

Used to RP tonnes back in the day, but it’s been a good few years and I was tempted to pick the game back up again after seeing the vulpera race! I’m a little nervous, as I’m rusty ahah, but really wanna get back into RP, specifically with a vulpera only RP guild! Can you point me in the direction of the main ones? I’m aware of Dustpaw Caravan and I’ve heard about a couple others but not made contact. ;w;

Thanks in advance, hope this is done right (can you tell I’ve scarcely used the forums…?)

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I can fully recommend Dustpaw Caravan, great bunch of people that do Vulpera RP really well! You can find more info on them Here


DPC takes in folk above level 80 or so, generally. Allied races have this problem where people make fresh level 20s, RP once and then are never seen again.

However it seems like you are levelling up so seek us out once you around 80ish, if you still fancy joining us. :fox_face:


Thanks, both of you! :slight_smile: Currently just shy of 70, I’ll work my way up to around 80-90ish, definitely still interested, just very shyyy :’) Most of my prior RP experience is orc so it’ll e a change of pace for sure!


Cool, we’ll actually be in Vol’dun for a few days from tomorrow. Another good reason to level. Still we have ways of getting lowbies to the new zones easily.


If you need someone to lvl with, I’m game so feel free to ask.

Fellow orc?! Now you have to join!!! :sunglasses:


Dustpaw are really nice, actually feel like real characters rather than vague owo stereotypes.


Like forcing me to summon. :pensive:


Gosh, I’d like that! I’m questing while running dungeons because, as a DPS, it can take a while longer than I’m used to on my shammy healer! I’ve just dinged 77, if you wanna add characters so we can keep track and group up, I’d be game~

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Sure thing, we can add eachother on discord if you want, Raoh lvl 73 or close to it at least. (would change chars but gonna pull the lazy card if you don’t mind :sunglasses:) And yes, company should always be appreciated, unless it’s the cringe kind.

Edit: Zagkush#7584

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The legend himself.

:blush: (in 3 more characters)

Sounds good! I guess message me in game, I can drop my discord but I don’t wanna do it in a public forum D:

I edited my post and shared mine

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