RPG that died slowly (realism)

I was wondering why does almost no one is talking about realism in fantasy world, if you say that to a RPer they would be like what is that? we RP to create stories for our characters and then act like that in game?
It is all fine I guess but actually I was wondering what if dev team made wow similar to vanilla wow where realism is really important part of the game, it is really something that many players would appreciate because it would be like a homework to do daily, like a grind, before you step into competitive content.

Of course not everyone would like that, but just look at % of people that were doing rares and treasures, they would all love that kind of content to sustain their character. I would do it in open world PVP mode on, and what about you? let me know in comment if you have any suggestions as what sustainability that would be for each class, and can we have more of that like housing, or even new profession that is based on realism, or maybe all professions?

Maybe even secret PVP vendor that would roam in the wild selling items for essences that you would obtain from killing players in open world? or even reputation grind (the old way like timber reputation in winterspring)

Please let me know in comments, I would appreciate it since there aren’t many people on this part of forum. :slight_smile:

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Can you give me your definition of ‘realism in fantasy world’? Cause I have no idea what you are talking about.

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ammo for hunters, poison brewing, all kinds of reagants that used to be needed for buffs, smaller bag space, realistic stats - in sense that swords had a chance to double strike - which means swords are fast weapons and they are good weapon to combo, or axes would deal extra dmg proc because when you hit someone with axe it would deal big wound, or maces proc to stun - cuz they are not sharp, realistic quest design like bow for hunter in vanilla or legendary weapon questline, realistic professions where you needed wood and flint to make fire - this made gameplay more immersive especially on lower levels where you needed to farm cloth and sell on AH before buying wood and flint, because it was expensive at early levels, and you needed 1 wood per 1 fire, flint lasted forever, etc and etc, and this design was made so that if you wanted to minmax you would farm mats urself or buy for higher price on AH then it is on vendor, and if you got bored of farming or u dont want to farm then you had choice to buy little bit less dmg ammo on vendor, but lets be honest, if minmaxer can spend 1 million gold on his consumables and gear why he can;t spend little bit more for better ammo (considering he finds farming ores and stuff boring)
you see mmorpg without RPG feels like shadowlands and I think it is for better to have RPG stuff so people can sustain their character with ‘‘realistic’’ stuff rather then doing same questline for alts over and over. It is immersive because if you are using imagination to play your character you would have a lot of fun, because it is fun when you look at it from a perspective of sustaining character.

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What does it have to do with RP? In RP people still “have” ammo and brew poisons. Better make tha topic in “General”.
And before you do here is some more to your list. Tauren will be able to become rogues.

RPG in games is realistic game design and design that sustains your character and forces you to choose between the two.

I’m a WoW noob going on 15 years or so, but to me, it sounds like you might be interested in WoW Classic?

I played classic and tbc classic and I quitted because I got bored, same with retail I quitted many times, and now I just farm daily BG win and 1h of fishing in barrens to get that 30k daily gold for token, and I wish retail to be somewhat similar to classic because of RPG elements. I miss days when I farmed things in open world to sustain my character for weekly raid, I would do it like a ritual every day for 1-2hours and I would do pvp on top of that (world pvp) near farming areas, was fun at that time, but then tbc came and everything got destroyed in phase 2…

I had some discussions and while I understand you and are on your side the other side does not see it like this.
For me things like spell reagents, soul shards that are farmed by killing mobs, hunter pets having their own skills, levels and loyalty and hunger, Rogues that only have a limited flasks of poisen, different spells with different ranks that each need to be learned seperatly, are highly immersive.
While other people say those are annoying limiting things and why could we not live in a high fantasy world where selffilling flasks are not so uncommon or that Spellranks not get learned automatic after improving are unlogic or that it is stupid to require hunters to feed their pet while the player self could survive without eating or drinking.

I just can say different people have different views of how the world and a good game should look like.

From my opinion Cortyn from Mein MMO describes it the best.
Before Cata the game whas a good picture of how the World of Warcraft could look like.
With Cata the zones where revamped the show what a good gamelevel could look like.

If this is not understandable because the translation is lacking it means, before realism whas that areas whith quests made you do long travels which made no real sense from game perspective but much from world perspective because why send adventurers out in the woods nearby if you could gather it yourself. But asking adventurers that go anyway to the other continent so that they could bring me something when they are there that makes sense from an ingame world view.
And with cata it whas changed so that you could do everything inside an area and if it sends you somewhere else it means you should continue there.

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