RUIN - Classic - Firemaw

change of plans. scratch this :wink:

Well well well, if it isn’t our famous old nemesis returning again, what are the chances that RUIN and Flying Circus would be rolling on the same server, and on opposite factions this time as well? It will be fun, although we will be taking it casually now since a lot of us are oldies with family and jobs. We are currently maybe 20-30 of us that will be playing, but in what capacity remains to be seen. Anyway I am looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield and I wish you all the best!

Flying Circus will always be in the shadow of RUIN!

hahaha, excellent news :wink: ooh i do remember that old quote, was hilarious indeed, you boys proved it wrong! we will see if RUIN can get a few old players back. We sucked at keeping in touch so this was the only place i could post something.
good luck circus people :wink:

Some of us are still playing, but we are super casual. It usually fills up the first 1-2 months of an expansion and we all do m+ a lot but then it just dies down to 0-4 people online. Not so fun to “play the patch” and just repeat everything we just did but this time we get 30 more ilvl or whatever it is :). There should be a Darksorrow discord for all the old and new to hang out. This forum seems deader than dead…

Don’t forget about vanillafriends if you didn’t know about it, I see you have a few there from RUIN.

oh really? got any links to those sites/discords?

I am not trusted to send links here, but just google vanillafriends and it should be right at the top.

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