Rush turns you around

Can we get an option for having the char not turning 180 when using Rush? I want infact sometimes keep on running in the direction I used Rush on.

Turning around when using rush - what? :dracthyr_shrug:

I think he means fix the LONG STANDING BUG where you flip around to the other side of the target when you use CHARGE.

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In all my years of warrioring, in both PvP and PvE, I have never had this issue. Could be because I control my movement mainly with my mouse - yet I would notice quick in PvE if this was a regular happenstance (character error messages going: Target not in range, very loud angry Fury DPS noises and keyboard smashes).

In PvP charge brings you to the spot you charge to, not the target itself. So if the target moves you are moved to the spot they were on the charge (with a bit of leeway coded in, to make up for MS latency).

Yet, if you do not get a root on the target, or the target in any other way creates distance - I have seen how you would go to a spot on the opposite side of the character and get turned around to face them automatically. As charge will go in a pattern to complete its function.

There are also some pathing outliers, as on the Armorer boss in Neltharus where charge will path around the whole ring and then to the boss, bringing you the other side of him (terrain pathway distortion)

Is on of those two what you are on about?

It’s way more prevalent since they removed charge stun and it happens pretty regularly.

What should happen.
Warrior -------> Warrior>Target

What happens quite regularly.
Warrior ------>Target<Warrior

Ah, so we are indeed talking about how charge works as a skill. Yeah it is intended, it is why warbringer is such a good talent in PvP to lock targets still for you to reach them.

It is not a bug, the turn around function is simply a boon that allows the warrior to not having to turn manually. Overall it really does not affect warrior gameplay at all.

It is annoying for farmers.

In PvP I have no opinion since I don’t play that.

For longer fights in PvE I have mixed opinions,
but personally I would prefer to walk behind after the Rush;
since it makes more sense.

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