Russia is part of EU, separate Region or...?


I have question in the description, would be nice to get this clarify from a blue post so I wont wonder and become angry every time I’m in situation like this which I try describe now. From time to time I face 100% russian teams. I win sometimes but most times its a lost and waste of my time. I win 1 game every 7 games or so. I think in the past Riussia counted as a separate region, around 2013 or so you mixed them with EU but forgot to change rules fully. Now its a two pools EU servers and Russian servers and sometimes when group finder rng make teams they create team from Russian servers (1 language/ 1 country) and face it against team made of players from sometimes 10 diferent countries. To be honest thats NOT fair. I know Russians have specific alphabet. I guess its the only reason you don’t make mixed teams. Try to think about it, whoever still works in Activision Blizzard after yesterday. You can make it rotate for lets say every 4 months period, something like this. Now this “region” play with EU after 4 months let them play with China, and then face them with NA. To be honest It came to my mind on a fly when I wrote this post XD. Try to fix it pls.

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Russian servers from the very beginning were created in the European region, any European player could see them when he switched to any other servers (French, German) and play on these servers.

In addition, European servers, including Russian, are located in Amsterdam.

EU in a game doesn’t mean the European Union, by the way.

Russia is not proportionally populated and the majority of the population of Russia lives in the European part of Russia.

This is the same as saying, let the European players play against the China or NA, it will be stupid because it will be too high ping.

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