Russian problem yet again

cen why pls ban players thet are premade i tink honest unfair for rest 1 team relly bad oter full premade cen i join premade as well make fair count ?

Russians are a mixed bag. Today I had a rusky monk who applied to heal. Being too tired I didn’t check their gear–they applied for a healer role for a +11 in agi gear, they couldnt push 14k hps and left without uttering a word. Its the one issue I dislike about sharing Regions and not being able to language lock out who can apply to my group.

I often make keys with german players from my guild.

Tank was from eu burning blade server.

I and other 3 friends were aegwynn german server as we were 4 friends from high rated pvp guild on aegwynn.

We explained tank what to do who was from burning blade eu. He didnt want to tank with our way. We left key and depleted our key.

His method was taking too long.

All nations make it.

Oh yes every region is guilty of it BUT. Its just so infuriating that i cant filter the LFG tool by a language barrier of any kind, given alot of players who sign for it do find 10’s challenging :partying_face:

I can differ nationality/language from servers.

still ruski are problem


had plenty of good runs whit russians, I also had a lot of bad runs whit Eu players, doesnt matter from where they are, if you are unlucky you get one who can not speak english, have no idea of tactics, have totaly wrong gear, only uses one button to dps etc… and this person can be from any server also.
it realy doesnt matter who you play whit at all.

Wtf? Nice trolling. Russian always play against eu premades. Eu premades always have raid leader with voice. Also eu players use scripts.

Yeah… I know all eu premades. But eu players who queue random bgs face against them as if they are playing against randoms. And they think they are randoms.

mr russian or ukrina pls explain to me most if not all are from same server same realm all soulflyer yet i cen read ruski so ye also same guild so pls explain logice behind pre made u cen group as raid it seems

10 msgs in topic but I still didnt get the idea of it XD
Anyway if you have a problem with any region (ispanjola for me) just ignore them queing to your grp, or dont que to them…

same problem going on for long long time problem here i tink is thet premade problem been problem long time get point thet sadness tear

Here’s a solution

Get some friends and join a random battleground

If you’re good you’ll win 99% of the games


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You should see trapeye’s main. He is makin 19 and 18 keys in time.

He complains about russian alliance.

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