RX 7800XT or RTX 4070?

Im about to upgrade but i cannot decide between these 2 GPUs paired with Ryzen 7 7800x3d.

More specifically :
PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT

Im trying to make this build viable till the world soul saga ends around 2030.I know that 4070 has ray tracing and DLSS3,less power power consumption

And 7800xt has higher vram and better overall performance…but for wow whats better pick ?

To be honest, i would wait till January when Nvidia announces their updated 4000 series SUPER cards.
There will be a 4070 TI Super with 16GB of VRAM which should make the choice easy :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to wait, i guess the choice isn’t that easy.
Like you said, 12GB of VRAM is basically a dead card in a year, even now in some games with RT on.
On the other hand, AMD has worse upscaling quality and bad RT performance, the more effects enabled, the worse it gets.
Also, for a WoW player important, the severe problems people with AMD GPUs are having atm.
So in general the AMD is better value and will last longer with the 16GB of VRAM, but you lose out on the Nvidia feature set.

I think waiting for the Super cards is the way to go if you don’t wanna regret it sooner than later :slight_smile:

Nvidia will keep the prices high, while AMD will likely have slow decrease in prices.

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