Ryzen 7 2700x or i5 9600k?


Hi guys,

I am due to spend money on an updrade now.

I currently have an I5 4460 and I am looking to upgrade to the Ryzen 7 2700x OR the i5 9600k

Does anyone personally own these and can give me their opinion on the performance on their processor? FPS specifically?

I have done some reading up on the Ryzen and it seems to get out performed on FPS by Intel processors. Funny because the Ryzen barely used any processing power.

Advice would be much appreciated


In a benchmark the I5 is slightly faster, but only very slightly. To the average user, they are pretty much the same.
But, with WoW now defaulting to DX12, I would go for Ryzen since it has much faster multicore speed.
I5 is better value though since its £60 cheaper.

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Ryzen 3 might be revealed next week so i’d hold off to see how that looks. Plus if it is then Ryzen 2 will be even cheaper :wink:


i am running with a ryzen 7 2700x and i run wow on 10 with no problems :slight_smile:


Keep in mind if you would choose for the Ryzen 2700x (which I have too) that it has slightly more power usage than the I5. Also remember to opt for high speed RAM, go for atleast 3200Mhz.
Also do some research on which RAM fits the motherboard, not all brands are compatible with every board. G.Skill works 9 out of 10. Nonetheless, good CPU for the money.


I’ve just upgraded from Ryzen 1400 to the 9600k and saw virtually zero FPS improvement, even though my graphics card (1070) doesn’t max out. I also saw zero improvements with the new Dx12 support changes.

Who the hell knows how WoW engine really works? :woman_shrugging:

I would still probably recommend either going for the 2700x or waiting a few weeks until new AMD CPU’s roll out. It’s probably the more future-proof option. Didn’t personally go for a Ryzen myself this time only because X470 motherboards were annoyingly absent by the end of the year.

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