Salamanders - Recruitment

  • Struggling in Wow Classic? Need some help?
  • Do you miss the green text?
  • Are you looking for a social guild that is actually sociable?
  • …If so, we might be the guild for you!

Salamanders is a social levelling alliance guild on Nethergarde Keep. We started out as a group of friends and have built up a great community of active players. We are not the kind of guild who mass invite random players that have 100 people online but no green text. We prefer quality over quantity, please!

None of us are power players. We value that all our members experience the content that Classic has to offer at an acceptable pace, enjoying and learning new things. We want above all to make new friends and enjoy this game in a stress-free environment.

A quick overview

  • We have a dedicated Guild Banker

  • Raiding: We are not currently raiding, or looking to raid.

  • We are an adult only guild… We have nothing against the little folk, but we want members to be able to relax, swear and discuss whatever they like openly.

You can also contact me (Bnet Defense006#2466) or send me an in-game message on Darraine

Thank you for considering us and we look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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