Salute Alliance

Hello. So it’s obvious alliance are having a tough time on flamelash. I say let’s help them. Without alliance our server becomes something no one wants. Let’s help them, give them space and a chance to rebuild. Every alliance you see /Salute

Let’s hope blizzard fixes it soon but until then #SaluteAlliance

A little too late for that buddy


Dont be a dick

Agreed, thanks for starting this initiative.


You are horde players, you can’t do this !!!

You must said something like : don’t pick pvp server, go to retail, alliance crybabies loose, or just we win, you can’t do something like that !!! this is not a horde move !!!


I’ve been scrolling through the forum and noticed your posts are on the pesimistic side. You really must have had an unpleasant experience, haven’t you? What’s your story?

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