SAMCRO, bikers' community

Hey guys. I made a horde community for motorcycle enthusiasts. The original idea was to make a guild, that would work mainly like any other guild out there except the people in there would use any of the motorcycle mounts as their main mount and maybe coupled with a matching transmog. But because I don’t have much time to run a guild, between university, exams, part-time job, house chores, etc, I don’t have much time for WoW, so a community seemed like a better option for the meantime. The idea for now is simply to gather people who like bikes, either to discuss the subject, about irl bikes, news, clubs, what kind of ride you have or would like to have, etc… Maybe eventually do some events in game, gather around and do a raid to alliance cities on the bikes etc… Idk, just throwing it out there for anyone interested. The full name is Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Retail Originals (I know, very original…).

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I don’t have the subscrition paid for now, so I’m sorry I won’t be able to accept new members for a few days. As soon as I pay for the sub again I’ll accept who applied.