Samurai class when?

Enough said, how is this game 20 years old with no Samurai yet!


Cos this is Azeroth, not Japan?


relevant how?

we have Monks? Samurai clearly valid option :slight_smile:


If anything, blademaster would be close but…that’s arms warrior!


Just play a Warrior with a Katana transmog.

“Samurai” class design would overlap too much with existing classes, it’s not worth creating.


Ok, so what exactly would Samurai do? Wear plate armour. Weild a 2h sword. Slice things.

Hm, that sounds exactly like Warrior. Oh look, we have those.

While Monks are a pandering to Chinese aesthetics, at least we’re not weebifying yet another game.


someone needs to go out more and chill.

Why you so angry man?

Samurai didn’t wear heavy plate armor; it was more like mail. Most of them wielded a long/medium-length sword and a short sword/dagger as a back-up. They also used bows.

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I’m a huge fan of samurai but can’t really say they’d fit in the warcraft universe or deserve a class of their own the way things are now. They’re just too close to things we already have for it to make sense.

Wouldn’t mind some more samurai transmog options though.

Damn, do we have any mail-wearing classes that use bows and swords?


Could easily make it a mail/plate wearer melee/range hybrid lol.

No but we have furryfied the game to unholy degrees along with lgbtq. Dunno if thats better than weebify

They exist already as the Blademasters of the Burning Blade and the Blademasters abilities where given to the arms warriors. So if you want to play a “Samurai” create yourself an elderly Orc arms warrior.


I always wanted for warriors to have classic w3 “split image” ability, but i guess it’s more blademaster thingy.

I know people mentioned arms warrior, but i feel like there could be a place for additional spec - blademaster, a glass cannon kinda spec, that could use some spells from samuro both w3 and hots playstyle.

I thought cultural appropriation was a big no-no

Sadly mages actually have stolen two warrior abilities.
Mirror images and spell theft whith the latter actually being more fitting to the spellbreakers who are more akin to magical warriors.

Blademaster kinda is just that, but it’s just another Warriorish Class, idk if we need another of those.

We have Monks (with Samurai swords as transmog option).

If you want Samurai, go play FF14.

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True and i find it kinda sad, always loved using split image in W3 or hots, i dunno it’s just a really cool ability that i would like to have in Warriors arsenal.

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We at least need a spellblade. Both Blademasters and Sin and Shal’dorei have shown that there are warriors who use magic to support their abilities.

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wouldn’t samurai just be blademaster though which is already arms :smiley: we need HQ versions of all that katana’s we have though…

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