Sanctum of Domination Raid Finder Wing 4 Now Live!

Sanctum of Domination Raid Finder Wing 4 Now Live!

Breach the Sanctum and slay the formidable servants of Sylvanas and the Banished One in Sanctum of Domination, the new raid opening with Season 2.

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Looking forward to the new content!

How can I fight Sylvanas and her val’kyr If I am her loyalist? :frowning:


Looks good, now if only there was a reason to raid.

Maybe those new shard things will be a good reason to raid? Find it kinda weird they will work in m+ and pvp tbh, i just hope it wont feel mandatory to have them (the set bonus is exclusive to raid, torg and maw but the shards themselves work everywhere).

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Hope Sylvanas’ P1 has been reworked!

Have fun everyone :slight_smile: Looking forward to new M+ season.
I am still in debate i will raid this tier myself. It has become too hard and only bring frustration to me. I am only there for my guild.

This fact is making me consider giving raiding a bit of a go next patch. Not seriously, but I’ll definitely try to raid more than this tier where I only did lfr for leggos.

I usually raid, but my guilds raidtimes conflicts with the time i put my kids to bed, so was gonna sit out this tier. Thats why i hope those shards isnt OP and will feel «mandatory» for m+.

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From the looks of some of them, they’re largely “extra fluff” that WILL have an impact but to me, doesn’t feel huge.

So looking at the throughput ones, we have, at the highest tier, stuff like:

  • Damaging a target increases the damage you deal to that target by 0.5% for 4 secs, stacking up to 3 times.
  • Damaging a target you haven’t yet damaged increases all damage you deal to them 4.75% for 20 sec.
  • When you have 50% more health than your target, you deal 3% more damage to them.

Looking at healing:

  • Increase healing received by 1.5%, increase maximum health by (unknown)
  • Critical heals cause you target to absorb the next 342 damage taken in 6 sec.
  • Your helpful spells have a chance to cause to grant your target an aura, which will drain 302 health from nearby enemies every 2 sec for 10 sec.


  • Increase your leech by X.
  • Standing still grants an absorb shield for 1320 every 5 sec, up to 6600 total.
  • Increases speed by X

So yes they make an impact, but we’re talking on the level of conduits here. A few of them stand out as being “a bit more worth it” but it’s not even close to requiring them to be mandatory as we’re talking about similar differences in output and defensive boon between highest conduits (184) and max ones (226) here.

So if that never bothered you, then this really has no reason to, but mileage varies.

I do think that “target radiates health drain aura” is a bit overtuned compared to the others though, yes it’s only 1500 total additional healing but it’s also a reasonable dps increase as well.

The frost ones in general seem a bit on the stronger side (the standstill absorb one, the critical heal shield one and the “damaging a new target grants 4.75% dmg buff” one).

I believe the tier set bonuses are much better though and they’re stuck to working in maw, torg and raid:

Blood (3 set)
When damaging an enemy, establish a blood link with that enemy, draining health from them every 3 sec. If it would overheal you, it heals an ally instead. Limit to 1, unlimited duration.

Frost (3 set)
Critical strikes accumulate 6% of the damage as stored winds. Every 20 sec, unleash the winds, dealing the stored damage as frost and shielding you for damage equal to the damage the winds dealt for up to 20 sec.

Unholy (3 set)
Your spells and abilities have a chance to drain a soul fragment from an enemy, granting 10 primary for 30 sec, stacking up to 15 times. Upon reaching 15 stacks, unleash a Chaos Bane, dealing shadow damage split between enemies and increasing primary by 300 for 15 sec.

There’s no way to ignore how strong these will be in the content they actually work in, the potential aoe damage from the frost and unholy ones is massive, and the blood one is basically a steady dps increase and defensive for any tank.
Shame they don’t seem to be built with healers in mind, maybe there’s more to come?

Do they? I thought they didnt work in PvP? I thought they only worked in the Maw zones and the new raid. I’ll be pretty annoyed if they work in PvP tbh. Dont want another corruption fiasco

The big daddy powers only work in those settings but the minor pwoers each gem grants work everywhere at current.

TBH, although it will make a difference, nowhere close to corruption. We’re talking a guy dealing maybe 2%-3% more damage than you if they have the highest ilevel version of these gems and you have none.

Like yinzon said, the shards works in all content, just the setbonus that is tied to specific zones.

The Unholy one…

That’s literally the special effect of the legendary 2-handed Axe Shadowmourne from Wrath of the Lich King.

I don’t mind them re-using old effects like this. It’s just that it was super OP back in the day but all the Plate users could get the leggo and use the effect. If they tie this effect to a single class spec, then I’m afraid it’s going to make them automatically top tier performers, purely based on that fact (much like how Convoke basically rocket launched boomies to the top of the meters).

Yeah it seems pretty potent, for raiding, having these bonuses active is going to pretty much make or break, just like the items with special dmg effects with (sylv bow)

As far as I can see the set bonus not linked to spec at all, anyone can get them, even healers can get that set bonus as far as it reads.

Obviously though you’re gonna have them being prioed for DPS as these things tend to go.

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