I am here as the representative of Iranian players to tell you the problems the players have so that you and your powerful team solve this problem. As we had problems like loading in bfa and also we had to activate VPN in order to play, then by ticketing you found out and solved it. Now from the beginning of Shadowlands we have the same problem again. Not just Iranian players but other players do have this problem and can’t play online without activating VPN.
As you have said, using VPN is prohibited and using it will cause problems like account blocking. Here, I as the representative of all Iranian players request that you consider our problem related to connecting to the game.
The only way we Iranians can play the game is using VPN, and so players will be banned for it.
Please solve this problem for us, because now with covid-19 pandemic around, this game really entertains us.
I hope that you solve it for all the players. I really appreciate your support and perseverance.:heart:


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