Save ashbringer

or instead they can implement crossraid raids/parties for instanced contents, who cares even at this point. just make it not work in open world so people won’t mumble about emersion ruined by seeing lots of “unknown” names even though they play on mega server and has never seen 80% of the players

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I and I imagine many others still care and would be against this sort of change. There’s gotta be some sort of line to separate Classic and retail. Cross server parties and raids goes completely against Classic and is a major step too far imo.

Server communities are a huge part of Classic, and they do still exist on the smaller realms in spite of the mega realms. Plenty of us don’t play on mega realms, and a change like this would completely destroy that just as retail already did. At what point does Classic literally just become retail again, for the sake of convenience? We’ve been down this track before and know exactly where it leads, I know it’s a meme to say, but retail is genuinely an option for people that want the game to be like that.

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We joined Ash yesterday in a group of 4, 5th mate to come over soon.

Ashbringer will persevere.


i’ve already tried retail, thanks, prefer wotlk gameplay more
but still i see absolutely no downsides of crossrealm arenas given you are in same region (US\EU)
i am getting messages from old time returners willing to do some arenas together only to find out my realm is locked and chances we’ll play together are very slim

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I have been on Ashbringer for over a week, i haven’t played as much as i would want but i’m happy to see more and more people come into the server.

People have to understand that the answer for the those that want to get into the popular servers, the answer isn’t to increase server cap, Blizzard explained that and why it wouldn’t be possible to do that to the solution to the issue. Super populated servers already have issues with lag and such and the queues, also the answer isn’t to beg for new fresh servers, there are servers out there that have low population, Ashbringer is one of them or Hydraxian, people need to understand that those need to be filled before Blizzard implements more new servers to at the end have a big list of servers where nobody is playing.

It’s easier to go to high/full realms, you will have more activity for sure in terms of pve and the economy i understand that, it’s what we as humans in general are set to do, to go to what’s popular, i personally feel that it will be more rewarding to help make Ashbringer feel more alive even if it is for a small percentage, and that it’s up to us the players and not Blizzard.

Blizzard has made transfers available to other servers like Ashbringer, i just used the free one i had now it’s up to each person to do what they feel is right for them, if it is to go to a “dead” realm (to those that say that Ashbringer is dead, please use a better source to update your date than or to get through long queues.

To each their own.


Numbers for the 25th Sept.

Sept 15th 19:00 UTC

Horde - 215
Alliance - 310

Sept 16th 19:00 UTC

Horde - 238
Alliance - 251

Sept 17th 20.15 UTC

Horde - 267 [+29]
Alliance - 258 [+7]

Sept 19th

Horde 314
Alliance 287

Sept 20th @ 20:20

Horde - 321
Alliance - 320

Sept 21st @ 19.10

Horde - 335
Alliance - 294

Sept 22 @ 20:45

Horde - 295
Alliance - 287

Sept 23rd @ 20:30

Horde - 320
Alliance - 304

Sept 24th @ 20:30

Horde - 333

Alliance - 312

Sept 25th @ 20:10

Horde - 434

Alliance - 405


Sweet, that’s what we like to see!! Thanks for posting these.


Passed on to the people who help in the guild I am in. They do a lot of the work getting numbers when I am lazy. Cheers.

Big props to .

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Feels like more people transfered today to ashbringer indeed, more people in stormwind city aswell, becoming more alive.

Very nice increase!

FYI to anyone interested in transferring, there is no limit to amount of characters to migrate, I did on 3 no problem.


Fingers crossed people who are transferring can and will speak english since there are FCT from non-english realms.

I haven’t noticed any FR/DE/RU in the chat tbh.

I hope they won’t close transfers after WoTLK launch, long queues would actually help attract more players here.

cant wait to see a thread “pls give free character transfers from ashbringer” in a few months :smiley: i wish u all good luck but if u dont get to like 3k+ u will eventually end up on a dead realm because i guarantee u many will quit again after a month or two

also the big realms will stop having lags and queue cuz all the comebackers that quit halfway thru tbc will quit again. that being said, lock earthshaker so we dont end up in queues lmao

At least some people here tried to get some traction to the server again and to make it feel more alive, i think that entire guilds came here.
At least people, the players here tried to do something or to help in some capacity opposed to others sitting on their buts hopping for miracles or to things get better in time.

Personally i prefer to help in any capacity i can, no matter how small that is than to sit on my but for a couple of months waiting for things to get better on popular realms because people are quitting the game…to me that’s a lame and sad mentality but then at the end of the day to each their own.

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I honestly don’t think so… most of the people that are just coming for the hype and leaving again after a few weeks will not join a lowpop Server but look for the busiest realm that’s not locked


Very nice to see the increase, Ashbringer genuinely has a chance to be a great server now. A small/medium pop server matches with classic numbers back in 2005 and it’s holding a good balance too.

I myself will be levelling an undead mage up in the coming days. I’ll be ready to fight any Alliance I see! name will be Groobz, anyone feel free to friend me.


Updated for the 26th Sept. People are also posting in general chat that using wow population or a similar system that over the last 5 days active alliance accounts are up 65% and active horde accounts are up 74%.

The figures I post are just a snapshot in time of current players online for clarity.


Good, good.

I noticed that AH posted items are up by 400 in last 2 days, I guess that’s a good sign too.

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depends on how the items are posted.
If it’s 1 cloth/ore/herb ect, then it does not help


We made it to Medium realm :smiley: