Save ashbringer

Title. Our realm is empty and we can’t raid, find arena partners or enjoy the game in particular. Can we please merge with another realm or let the last of us transfer out?


Sry blizz said we cant come over to play with you - firemaw.

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Aren’t you already allowed to transfer out?
Just pay the 25 euro’s. Fixed!


Free transfer for ashbringer !!!


And this is how you make people quit.

Ashbringer has had a 1 time free transfer off of it since it was shut off for transfers on/off in mid classic, nevermind TBCC.

Blizzards actions killed the server.


So you’d rather pay 13 euro’s a month to continue “playing” a dedded server?
If I don’t end up liking Mograine I’ll happily pay 25 euro’s to head anywhere else. This way I can ensure myself the enjoyment off playing a game…

I think off it this way:
1 Euro per hour spend on a hobby (game in this case) is a good time-spend ratio.
1 euro = atleast 1hr off game time = Money well spend.

For example: Theme parks costs 40-45 euro’s and you spend maybe 12hrs in them. At the end off the day you had an amazing time and made lots of fun memories.

25 Euro’s for a transfer would result in me playing ATLEAST a month more. According to my gaming schedule, It is about 6 hrs a week so it’ll be 24 hrs a month.
I call that, Worth :smiley:.

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No, exactly, that’s how you make people quit.

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There is a solution for this.
I stated it above.

Prety sure Ashbringer is on the list off possible future transfers towards though.
Mograine was the other alternative and that has been filled.
Give it maybe 2 weeks, when wotlk launches.

Who effing cares, it’s been closed for YEARS, it’s death is entirely on Blizzards hands.

Stop sucking up to people grabbing €25 for a simple automated database procedure.


Well then, Don’t use the solution at hand :person_shrugging:.

No reason to get angry if you don’t.
If your phone is broken you don’t ask for a free replacement, right?
You pay a new one, so you can text/call again…

Or like I said, you wait a few weeks and gamble on a possible “Discount” option.

Within warranty, yes, you do.

You can’t really compare a product you bought and owned with one you lease though.

If my TV subscription is out a day, I instantly get it refunded for that day.

What kind of company is this? Please let me know bec I’ve never seen anything like this…

Netflix is down for a day? Too bad.

Your phone is broken within warranty? You gotta ship it and wait 4-5 weeks for it to return. No replacement for the time it’s gone.

Internet is dead (or crap) for a day due too maintenance or a Storm? No refunds nor compensation.

Xbox live server is crap for a day? To bad.

The list goes on forever…

Either way…
TLDR: Solution = Transfer or wait for magical fix.

Or, as have been pointed out plenty, quit.

I’m sorry you haven’t experienced half decent customer service.

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Sure. That is always an option.
Even with good costumer service.

But then you can’t enjoy WoW anymore, what the OP clearly is doing if he cares enough to make a forum post about it.

He can’t presently enjoy WoW Classic.

He’s quite literally throwing his sub out the window every month. Cause of Blizzard screwing Ashbringer since the middle of Classic.

And he could’ve been on a more active server months and months ago.
As you yourself said it has been “years” of it bieing ded.

The final gasp of life happened the one week just prior to realm consolidation where they let Ashbringers free transfer to Hydraxian Waterlords (and from there to other servers).

So it could’ve likely lived on assuming they’d finally add RDF.

But they let us off the server. And here’s the result. All they managed to do was screw people who happened to be on holiday during that one free transfer.


But that is just bad luck, Like I was unable to participate in the launch of TBC because I was a month abroad for work :person_shrugging:.

Nothing stops you from just using a paid transfer, that is what I keep trying to tell you…
Ofcourse free transfers are nice, but I live in the reality barely anything ever is free… Hence this entire discussion :sweat_smile:

Also known as effing incompetence, but you’re so happy to throw money at them.

Luck has nothing to do with this.

Just stop for one moment and realize that not everyone can afford to spend 1½+ months sub on transferring ONE character.

Just cause you’ve been fortunate to, doesn’t mean everyone can. Never mind how utterly effing ridiculous it is that it’s PER CHARACTER.


Imagine you receive a coupon for a discount at the super market, but you come a week after the experiation date to the store with this coupon.
They’re going to give you the same message every company ever does:
“I am sorry sir/ma’am this promotion is expired”.

Ehh, I never transferred characters.
I just created new one on a different realm :rofl:.