Save Bloodfang!

The server is dying quick. Please Blizzard merge with another low pop server or give free transfer to this server from other servers.


Hey Blizzard! Where you at?

Bloodfang has 29% horde
Stonespine has 86% horde

Two easy solutions:
Merge the two servers
Allow free transfer from that server to Bloodfang and then cancel that server

Will probably save you money as well


Exactly! Easy fix guys! Just do it

Come back to the Game and stuck on this Server. As a Horde its sucks there’s no lower Content possible and the Open World is Dead.


you have alot of accounts on the server, but it seems like your raiding scene died. Hopefully you will se those accounts reactivated for tbc…

Yeah true which is also why I don’t feel like transferring to a high pop server. I started on Gehennas but transferred because my friends couldn’t start their character on it and they have long queues which might happen again with TBC.

Just seems like a easy fix from Blizzard considering it is two servers with an equally disproportionately horde/ally ratio like the dude stated above.

same here im a server transfer from Golemag i went over to Bloodfans cuase of fair 50/50 server pop a year ago… Not it looks like the other servers. but hopefully we get a merge or someting?. wold defently do alot for the serve.r but lets see what happens. when tbc Hits im sure alot of players dont wana spend 4-6 hour in a que. and we prob get alot of transers over just because of that.

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