SBG - group disbanded?

Just did SBG 14+ with my guild, and got disbanded… other people did too :frowning:

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Happened to my Nok’hud +4 group as well, we were at 3rd boss, 90% trash cleared…

Same happened to my fiancee’s group, +6 Ruby, they regathered group, but key has turned to a +5… Wth is this BS :frowning:

This affected raids too, but i think it was just a Tarren Mill-thing.

It seems like this is affecting only those from Tarren Mill. Since the weekend there have been reports of groups being made for various BG, M+, raids … either all TM or some … and the groups either getting auto-disbanded or being kicked from the instance. Not seen any response from any Blizzard people yet so dunno …

After being away for months, I come back and decided to buy Dragonflight, started levelling a fresh char on Tarren Mill with friends, can’t even clear a dungeon. Subscription game by the way.

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