Scale Up with the New Dracthyr Evoker

Scale Up with the New Dracthyr Evoker

With the release of phase 2 of the pre-expansion patch, players with Dragonflight can create and play the new dracthyr Evoker, a hero class that serves as both a race and a class in combination.

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first content in this pre patch


What do you mean first content ? What about koraks revenge and all those old world bosses, and also och wait

Any update on getting the option to get the old UI back, without needing addons?


whats the addon name?

I will never create one of those woke abominations so no thanks


In the ranged and healing spells for the new class, you forgot a few yards of range. Please patch the missing 15/10 yards.

That is content yes but not from the pre-patch. That is from the Anniversary of WoW :slight_smile:

Nah bring other classes to the Dracthyr level.

You are such a tease, Lizzard. Never do this class & event in 2nd phase ever again!


That was whole point of the joke , luckily wow players are on such level i dont have to explain myself

I really hope they aren’t as underpowered as they were on beta. Didn’t feel very hero class to me. Love the Dracthyr, not so much evoker. Hope to be wrong.

Wear your armor with pride as you blaze a new path through the Dragon Isles.

What armor? The whole 3 options you gave us instead of transmogging? Pff.

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Why is there no tank option? I enjoy levelling, solo content, dungeons and raids - all as a tank, but this character does not have that option :frowning:

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