Scaling broken at Lvling

What happened to the scaling on lowlvl and with chromie Dungeon Lvling?
Bosses have hp like a +20 Key and hitting too hard.
Was going on my 57 Warrior and 51 Mage some before with Classic & TBC Dungeons, horrible.


I noticed this with Chromie Warlords quest boss in Siege of Bladespire Citadel - even with the garrison ability he killed me. Was quite amusing as I haven’t died when leveling in forever.

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Some bosses takes longer to kill in leveling dungeon than high m+ bosses.


Look at the wod Chromie dungeon. Ehh… especially that ogre cavern. Takes way too long.

Noticed something wrong with scaling aswel when i was leveling NB mage in WOD before at 30+ levels i could smash elites and smash mobs like it was nothing now i pull one by one and have to use all my CDs plus garrison ability to take out one elite.

The wanted quests i avoid the elite kills me in 4 to 5 hits.

Although meele classes fair better then casters right now at least in my experience.
DK and warriors are awesome to play now they buffed em.(Not awesome anymore they feel weak as a mage due to scaling i shouldn’t have jinxed myself).

Leveling my alts to be ready for DF.


Haha same tbh felt strange dying so many times like 8x times while leveling never before has it happened and even on my new orc warrior i died only one time.

A bit frustrating :smiley: they are doing Dark souls method.

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Don’t feel bad. I even had my pocket healer with me but my WW Monk was toast in 2 hits lol

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You were 2 maning it and you still died damn it seems Blizz is going Dark souls/Elden Ring difficulty mode.

Don’t get my wrong i like some kind of difficulty and progress but not this hard.


Hopefully they will fix it soon.


I was playing a bunch before the patch and everything felt fine as i was tanking bfa dungeons with my friends, then after the patch dropped my friend couldn’t keep me alive on an easy boss, my health was getting chunked and he was going oom trying to keep me alive
The game is actually broken right now, I hope this gets fixed fast, it makes me want to avoid any dungeon content at all as it can already be pretty painful with random players at times let alone with every enemy being on roids

I popped back to notherend to run some old content and found the outdoor mobs have all gone to max level and it’s like fighting mobs in the end zone of shadowlands.


Ion and his scaling obsession strikes again!!! REMOVE SCALINGGGGGGGGG

It was before the change, I brought it up a few weeks ago and was shot down, Was leveling a Tank and TBC bosses where like being in TBC heroics back in the day, total waste of time. Gave up doing dungeons.

It’s always a shock when that happens :rofl:

Belated Happy Birthday btw and I hope you are recovering well from your Covid ordeals.


With the Phase 2 of DF Pre-Patch also came the ilvl issues, that have been a thing since Beta but they were overshadowed by other stuff.

Timewalking Discord made post about the ilvl issues


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