Scaling for returning players bugged?

I’ve returned to WoW after a few year’s break, encouraged by the Dragonflight’s good reviews. I’ve always played arcane mage and when levelling and using the gear I’ve found from quests and dungeons I was able to one-two shot any normal mobs when on four stacks of Arcane Blast.
When I logged in I’ve noticed that all my gear was scaled down to 50 and it took forever to kill mobs and I had to take hp / mana breaks after 1-2 mobs. No big deal, went to AH and purchased best things I could find. This helped but only for 2-3 levels. When I played with my friend on his lvl 40 priest we was able to AoE mobs easily. In order to kill the same mobs I had to cast 7-9 times arcane blast on 4 stacks. Two mobs were enough to kill me.
Now I’m level 59, the mobs in the Battle for Undercity BfA scenario have 55k HP. My Arcane Blast on 4 stacks crits for 3,8k. The Nether Tempest on 4 stacks hits mobs for 80-100.
I’ve tried EVERYTHING. My iLvl is 151, the rewards from the quests on my level ARE NOT AN IMPROVEMENT so it’s not like my gear is completely trash. Even if it was 50% worse than what it was supposed to be I still should not be needing 15 critical hits on full AB stacks to kill one mob. Arcane Surge should completely obliterate anything on my level, any normal, non-elite and non-rare mob. Instead it deals approx. 15% hp. I have the talents assigned as per Icy Veins, rechecked AH if there wasn’t any sudden xpac jump that I’ve missed.
Comparing to that the Evoker I’ve created absolutely destroys when levelling. The mage? 1-2 mobs and mana break and god help you if there’s an elite to kill.
Am I missing something? Is the Arcane spec bugged in timewalking levelling? This should hit 500% more and this would still be under what I’ve remembered from the WotLK days. Any help?

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