Scaling in Blitz vs Random


So, I personally think there’s this massive gap between the two game modes so wast it’s practically like playing two different games entirely.

In regular I can’t do anything, I have to pull every cd to sluggishly scrape of 25% of anyone while I get oneshoot in turn. Where practically every game is just one of the teams nonestop gy camping the other.

While in the Blitz I can participate & even rock high or top in the charts, having a great time where most games seems quite fair and competitive.
But, I don’t quite know what works or not in it.

So what’s the difference in scaling & item limitation between the two modes?
Random Battlegrounds vs Brawl:Battleground Blitz

I know that in random everything goes, but I’m not sure about the Blitz?
The only thing I’ve found is:

“The item level of equipped gear above Item Level 312 will scale to 472 (4 item levels below Dragonflight Season 3 Honor Gear). The scaling is limited to 312 and above to avoid potential issues with over-scaling stats on items from previous expansions.”

That’s it? or is there more that’s limited?

  • Do enchants work?
  • Additional stats from gems & sockets?
  • Additional stats & effects from tier sets?

Whatever it is, I like it. But I’d be curios to know what goes or not.

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