Scammer Loir (Karma) - report from scam raid

Karma’s member Loir suddenly kicked me out of his ZG raid where the only reserved items were supposed to be Hakkar/Jindo’s loot otherwise MS>OS, after I only asked why we cannot roll on items we need for main spec.

He and his guildies even dared to call me a retard and other insults, even threatening me that I would get kicked from my guild after I told them I am going to report them on forums. Can send the screenshot to anyone interested, unfortunately I cannot post links here. I hope it gets to the right places and game masters will investigate the abusive language that I reported as well.

Anyone else has had such bad experience with player Loir / other Karma members? Also, if anyone knows Karma’s GM, please refer to him and show him this post. Thank you to all fellow fair-play players.

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