Scaning, repair, and starts over again

Hi, when i turn on it starts all the time to scan all the files in wow app, then its going over to repair, then all is fine, no, its starting over again with scaning all files in wow app again, and then its repair, and so its do all the time, i cant get into wow, the button never says play, whats wrong?

Sorry to hear about this, you should try checking out the Support Article for this which can be found here.

I had this problem once (a long time ago now), and a GM suggested I move the entire installation to a new folder then try repairing it.

This actually worked, then also on his suggestion, I did a scandisk, which yep, there were a number of bad sectors. So I replaced the disk.

So, this problem can be caused by a dead or dying hard drive, or just by a few sectors that have gone bad on it.