Scared to RP

I have no idea what it is (maybe being ridiculed or something) but im really really afraid to RP. I get all fired up for it, create some form of backstory and then…thats it, i never actually roleplay with anyone. I think Classic RP is better than Retail as it’s more simpler in a way but i still get the nerves.
I also dont want to be seen as rude if i butt in while someone else is roleplaying as they may take offence.

Yeah I kinda went on a tangent, I find it hard to put what I want to say into words


If you’re feeling anxious the best thing you can do is plan an RP with someone. Find someone OOC who is willing to start some RP with you and talk through how your characters can meet, and what they’ll have in common.

It won’t be the most natural-feeling RP, but there are far fewer ways that it could go wrong if you and the other person both have discussed where you wanna go with the RP session.

Getting over a bad experience with RP, like with anything else, just requires a lot of positive experiences to outweigh the negative.

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I know the feeling! But remember, you’re doing the community a service by simply being willing to try it. It’s a sad story indeed if there’s only one character…

Believe me, the vast majority of RPers will be absolutely thrilled to have some random walk-up RP - even if it isn’t the greatest.

Not everything has to be epic, a simple hello, in-character, while passing will be enough to make someone’s day, believe that. :+1:


Hey there. I’m gonna add myself to the voices that tell you that they know the feeling. Roleplaying, as with all social interaction, can be quite a challenge to get started at times, especially if you’re new to it. What might help you is putting yourself in a position where you’re not the one who has to initiate it.

For example, there’s a regular RP event in Razor Hill, every friday at 20:00 Server time. Why not drop by there tomorrow? Might be a good chance to get into things and since there might be a bit of a crowd (depending on how many people show up…) it won’t be an issue if you’re more on the quiet side. And if it’s getting too much an excuse to leave is swiftly found. Since it’s in razor hill just outside orgrimmar you also don’t really need a particularly high level character to attend.

Lastly, if you have any questions in regards to roleplaying and the like I’m happy to offer my help. I’m usually playing my druid, “Earthhorn”. Will be attending the event on him, too.


I think you’ll find that what you’re experiencing is surprisingly common. You’re absolutely not the only one.

‘Butting in’ to the conversations of other people who are role-playing has mixed results. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I think you have to imagine it as your would in real life. Imagine you were sitting in the park in your home town, and on the bench were two people chatting… if you went and sat next to them on that bench, would you be welcome if you just tried to gatecrash the conversation?Probably not.

But, now imagine going to the pub for a beer, and seeing a group of three-or-so people chatting about the weather … would you be making a gross social faux pas if you were sitting next to them and interjected your own opinion about the weather? Almost certainly not.

RP’s no different really, it’s contextual. You have to read the situation, and roll with it.

My advice is to find out where the places are that people like to RP. I have no clue myself, as I’m Alliance… and go there.

Walk, don’t run. Make it obvious that you’re in character.

Emote - even simple stuff is fine. “Tasl sits down and sighs”.

I guarantee that, at some point, you’ll get a response, as by doing this you’re demonstrating that your’re receptive to role-play.

The people around you are every bit as eager as you to engage with it, and very likely share your worries. It will work out… trust me… :grinning:

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I can relate. I spoke to some friends in my guild last night about how it feels a bit empty and “lost”, since I remade a character I roleplayed with in vanilla, without any of her old friends, or circle around. I try not to, but I do compare it to vanilla, where I knew who was in the guard, who was in a spy guild, who was journalists in the IC newspaper (Anyone working on The Alliance Herald on old ER, I miss that paper and you did awesome).

I think the RP scene is still a bit new. For me, with some limitations to game time and also a wish to PvE - I just recently hit endlevel and started having free time to RP and find myself fumbling a bit. What I have plotted and planned to do is to spend some late evenings this weekend NOT accepting invites to all instances - but to pick out a suitable outfit and walk around and see if my Ravoma can maybe meet some new friends. Her story might not unfold as it did in Vanilla but… we’ll see.

It was probably a very foolish thing for me to rebirth an old char with a set backstory, name and all, as it would be easier for me with fully clean slates.

Also, one more thing I will do specifically to try to get my foot in the RP-door, is to join some upcoming events. If you’re not on it, there is a discord for HW server where some post advertisement for upcoming RP events that is open for all. And that’s a scene where you might meet many as yourself, or as me. I know I will probably be skirting around the background and listening and taking it in alot more than trying to steal the thunder and attention in the start. And that’s normal when we are new! Just easing us into it.

I’m pretty sure I cannot post links on the forum, so adding some spaces, here is the link to the discord for the server (alliance and horde alike): https :// 7aeFC7Z

You have already gotten several good answers here, I’d just like to add that

if you come upon an RP situation you want to join,

you can always /whisper one of the RPers present,

“Hello, I am new to RP, is it okay if I join you?”

I optimistically assume that in most cases you’ll get a positive response.

I always found the most fun rp (outside of the huge long epic stories we used to create back in WotLK days) is sometimes started just by talking in character to others around you while questing. My chum has an emote that triggers when he sits to drink, which has led him to some lovely interactions

Thank you for the replies, I have actually have a character alliance side so wondering where the hubs are for that side where i can just do walk up rp or whisper someone for guidence?

A focus of the server is on Southshore certainly (where I hear there’s rp and events regularly, plus the new-found pvp action), and aside of that there’s guilds at home in Darnassus and Stormwind, among other places. I think the Dwarfen Legion is mostly in Ironforge also.

I suggest you install MRP ( or an equivalent add-on, so you can clearly see whether someone’s in-character and looking for interaction. That way you don’t even need the hubs, you can see who’s an RPer while you’re out on your adventures.

You can also do this yourself; state clearly that you’re a beginner, and make up some background and features of your character that others will be able to see and read just by looking at you. Give it a try, it’s like a minigame all by itself. Like losing yourself in Skyrim character creation. :smiley:


Most of the RP i’ve found is in Stormwind, but given the youth of the RP community on this server it’s still quite scarce overall. If you’re looking for guidance feel free to whisper me in game on my main, Cilla.

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Yeah, I think that’s the top and bottom of it, really. I believe it was exactly like this in vanilla, too, although I was on a normal realm at that point in time, so I may be mistaken.

Things should settle down in a couple of months, once everyone is at a decent level and progression, and they have some time to kick back in SW for some RP.

You can start by light RPing when questing. Like if I am killing some sailors or whatever and another player comes by that I would like to team up with, maybe i’ll say; “These bastards robbed me the night before and today I am here to strike back! You also seem to have a grudge. Let’s team up!”


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