[Scarlet-Rp] The Scarlet Vanguard

The Scarlet Vanguard is recruiting and aiming to do rp in Lordaeron soon.

A poster can be seen around the city of Stormwind
The undead of Lordaeron has run rampant for far enough. The Undead masses has been contained within the northern parts of Lordaeron. We thank your hospitality, but now, now it has to end.
I, Captain Atherton of the Scarlet Vanguard, hereby declare that we leaving Stormwind. On the 16th of October, we are marching north to the Kingdom of Lordaeron to combat the scourge, the undead and whoever stands between us and our duty to the light.
We thus return to do our duty. To fight the important and glorious battle against the horrors of the scourge. We fight so you will not need to live in fear of the undead horde.
The Light wills it.

The Scarlet Vanguard is a heavy-Scarlet rp guild. We are now moving north to Lordaeron, leaving the confines of Stormwind, to establish some rp in Lordaeron. For now, we are aiming to move to Silverpine forest and run rp there, but have plans to, as we advance/expand, include more zones like Tirisfal and the plaguelands, to chase undead and other unbelievers for the light.
If you want to join please, send me or anyone of our guild a dm and we can work something out.

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Join the Scarlet Vanguard, it’s okay.

Today we have reached the lands of Hillsbrad, preparing to enter Silverpine Forest, for the Light!

It’s funny I was just reading this and I created a human rogue on this server 40 minutes ago, thinking I’d join this guild

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