Scouting for a potential guild/Dwarf Oriented

Hello everyone,

Its been a while since I’ve played WoW and I am looking to return from my hiatus with the launch of Dragonflight while I am still uncertain whether I will pick up the game actively again, well as active as one can be with a job and other social obligations. It will probably be a matter of time before I inevitable will try my hand again at picking up RP, While I have played my Draenei for years up until my hiatus I’ve always held an itch for a Dwarf and I plan to level one upon my return to the game.

Dark Iron or “Regular” Dwarf remains undecided but I figured I’d best ask in advance whether people know of any active or relatively active guilds that are themed around Dwarves, if not lean into adventurer/Mercenary themes.

With the time I’ll likely be able to spend I’d rather not delve into anything too complex and I’ve often found that well done, simple concepts hold more sway for me than others.

I’ll eagerly be awaiting responses and thanks in advance for any.


Why hello there!

Just dropping our forum thread link in here, if we aren’t what you’re looking for I wish you the best of luck in your search!


So far its most certainly seems as a solid contendor for the initial pick. :slight_smile:

I’ll await a few more responses while I get to reinstalling and preparing the game.

Thank you.


To The Potential Soldier of Fortune,

DTD are a crew of morally-grey mercenaries, taking contracts that will lead you in and out of Stormwind. :crossed_swords:

More detail within the forum post!

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