Scrapping 8.2 Azerite gear in 8.3?

So, any TR we have saved up will convert to silver and gold at the switch to 8.3. But what happens with old Azerite gear? Will scrapping it give TR in 8.3?

No, it wont give any TR like last season


With scheduled maintenance on January 15:

  • All Titan Residuum will be converted into Silver.
  • Titan Residuum will not drop from any source for one week. This includes scrapping or disenchanting Seasonal gear.

With scheduled maintenance on January 22:

  • Titan Residuum is again available.
    ** All items that can be purchased with Titan Residuum, including new Season 4 items, have had their costs adjusted.

  • A Mythic +10 weekly chest will award 1700 Titan Residuum, with each additional level awarding 90 more Titan Residuum. For example, a Mythic + 15 will award 2150 Titan Residuum.

  • Specific item level 475 tokens cost 20,000 Titan Residuum. Random item level 475 tokens cost 4750 Titan Residuum.

I would imagine holding on to the previous season’s items wont yield much TR if anything.

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I wish they’d allow us vendor azerite gear.


If anything I’d imagine 445 gear will yield a small amount of TR.

Personally I think there’s more value in buying 415 gear and DEing it.

No, you can’t get 60g for this WQ-helmet. You have to scrap it for 3 monelite ore and 12 titan residuum.

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Monelite ore would be ok, but I have like ‘million’ leather that is not used anywhere in game…

Every time I have to scrap yet another leather item, my eyes start twitching and I feel migraine raising.

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