Screen tearing and laggy


Hi, I hope someone can help me. Two days ago World of Warcraft became unplayable for me. I think perhaps something happened with my computer because it does not feel normal.

My desktop is a Windows 10 64-bit H2O-cooled i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz 16,0 GB 512 GB SSD 2 x Geforce GTX 980 (not SLI).

The funny thing is that windows says everything is fine but running World of Warcraft the screen tearing makes my head hurt. I did not change my system settings and it run perfect just 2 days ago and my AV automatically goes into game-mode not to interfere. My computer never goes above 5% use of CPU and 45% use of memory according to task manager. Any ideas?

(Basyxqt) #2

Tearing you mean, some lines appear on ths screen?

If yes, i had that problem with ny old pc, and the only fix i could find is to lower the resolution.

The screen got the lines everytine i moved in game and it was laggy.

Sorry if this isn’t the problem you are having!

(Ãve) #3

screen tearing happends when the fps is out of sync with your monitor.

for example: your monitor is 60 hz and you are getting 100+ fps.

to fix this you should turn on v-sync or freesync or g-sync.

about your cpu load, make sure your windows power management is set to high performance:

do the same to your gpu aswell at nvidia control panel.


I thought I would give some feedback about this matter just in case somebody else have the same issue. It was in fact my Antec H2O CPU cooler that was broken. After replacing it with a new NZXT Kraken X42 everything runs silky smooth on high settings once again. The CPU temperature never goes above 35 degrees Celsius. I would also advice people to Clean your computers with a can of compressed air. :smiley: