Screenshots from 1900 MMR solo shuffle games

I made a little collection of my solo shuffle experience as a lame duelist XP player playing at 1900 MMR.

The first screenshot is the best one! :partying_face:

As a healer you can be matched with a higher or lower mmr dps…

You are only fighting against the other healer.

This can be frustrating for everyone… 2.2 mmr dps dont like to be matched with 1.8 healer and vice versa…

All this to get faster queues…

It’s not that bad. As you said, same skill healer, so the 3-3 lifestyle remains untouched.
The games are sweatier though.

Yeah, well, I’ve yet to see the lower MMR ones so far.
They must be hiding real good.

What can i say, The game is dead
Old veterans and glads make up the majority of the remaining player base


I got the same as you and tbh the r1 druid was absolutely awful, he just won cause of broken clone ability and overwhelming with 80 100k dps (meanwhile everyone saying Feral is unplayable ._.)
Idk but I legit got 3/4 of fake cast on this guy that was weird to see.

Also another round there was a r1 enhance, the guy legit tunneled 1 guy the entire lobby, doing 93% of his dmg on 1 guy.

He won some with some cheese 150 and close to 200k ele blast and wasn’t really doing anything special compared to the other enhance player tbh (maybe it’s only me but I assume a r1 guy should be doing some next level plays so you know he is a better than average player) .

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