Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion Acquisition and Class trials

Hey, I got recommended to post here after hearing from a GM.

Throughout all of SL Season 2-DF I was pretty much able to get a “Sealed tome of the lost Legion” at maximum around 3 days, each day killing around 3-4 rares constantly using class trial characters doing nothing more than creating the character, flying the isle of thunder and running a lap around the island killing whatever rare showed up.

Ive slowly been starting to get back into old content farms again and for around 2 weeks of consistent farming on a class trial I didn’t get a single sealed tome to drop and so I tried on my regular warlock (Who already has green fire) and was able to get the tome fairly easily.

The GM i spoke to said they didnt see any announced changes to the item in particular so could the devs/QA look into this to see if it is changed and Class trial characters are not able to loot this item because the probability of this just being a drop chance is way too hard to believe.

You meant, linked to the forums right not specifically the CS forums?

Could be the following:

  • Class Trial characters cannot loot rare mobs, rare mounts, or treasures

You could otherwise submit a bug report through the ingame button as CS doesn’t forward any feedback or bug reports.

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Just to list all the restrictions


  • Class Trial characters cannot enter raid content
  • Class Trial characters can play dungeons appropriate to their level only
  • Class Trial characters cannot complete world quests
  • Class Trial characters cannot loot rare mobs, rare mounts, or treasures
  • Class Trial characters will not unlock account-wide appearances until boosted
  • Class Trial characters cannot open the Pristine Survival Kit until boosted
  • Class Trial characters cannot create WoW communities
  • Class Trial characters cannot post on the WoW forums
  • Class Trial characters cannot be restored if deleted
  • Class Trial characters cannot send mail
  • Class Trial characters cannot trade with other characters
  • The only service you can apply to a Class Trial character is the Character Boost