Search for Chat Channels

Greetings WoW forums, I started to play WoW again (Classic and retail) and I started to wonder if there was an option to search for chat channels. I mean, there must be many useful channels out there and we don’t have the way to find them (I am not talking about the Chat channel UI in retail, this is just for management the existed channels). For example, I am playing wow for 13-14 years and I did not know the existence of the /world channel. I learned it from the WoW Classic guild chat and that by accident. I tried to search the internet for a list or something and still nothing… Do I miss something? I am not asking only for retail but for classic too.

Thank you in advance.

Custom chat channels in wow are like dark web. You need to know exactly what they are called in order to access them.

:open_mouth: sneaky!!! At least we need some “basic” list haha!! For example the “world” is a very usefull chat channel! xD but a few people know it! Especially now in retail in which when u join a city, u dont see anything but the spamm of guilds and sellers on the Trade chat

I bet that there is Furry channel

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