Season 1 tier set

Ok so if you agree this is the best ret tier set please start voting now because we are losing so bad T.T

Vote whatever you want :slight_smile:

Top logic there champ. Why not say why you think s1 is better?

Your only logic is we have the s3 bonus this season. But yea, we had the s1 bonus in s1…

Ahh you seem to be offended because I have made a post about the season 1 ret tier set stop the salt everyone is entitled to an opinion.

how about this rather then letting Pve cleave haste maniacs get their own way all the time make all sets available problem solved.

Just say you prefer S1 tier bonus solely because of PvP.

Atleast that is a valid argument for you to vote that one.

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Yes well if i had it my way i would make all 3 sets available so everyone can be happy and choose the set that they want to use


I feel like that would be the ideal scenario, Blizzard probably just don’t want to spend months finetuning every single tier to be balanced.

This approach already requires 39 tier bonuses to be balanced, with all 3 tiers it would be 117.

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Yes that does sound like a pain to be honest looks like t3 is gonna win anyway

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