Season 1 Tww Gladiator mount is so ugly

i know, art is subjective when it comes to the viewer, but this mount looks so bad and more of a Reputation Mount in 10 different recolors, idk why they couldnt make a Nerubian Drake instead, also from what i have seen, Tww is more about Nerubian/Spiders but the players what archive 2.4 + 50 wins getting a Bat instead?

i guess Tww 3s Participation will be even lower because most of the people dont even want to push to 2.4 then?

maybe it will be a specific “solo shuffle glad mount” but idk i have no words for this, even Chatgpt could make better dragons, and this would take only 5 Minutes of work

to the art designer what made this Mount Shame, you can do better.


yes something is off also new tier sets looks very bad


unpop opinion, u guys need to just start playing what you enjoy and seeing cosmetic as an erextra reward instead of frorcing yourself down wrong path constantly and never enjoying a single thing.


Yes the skin is just a recolor of a bfa mount but with armor on it.

Idk I like mounts in general, and the pvp one are normally unique but this one looks crap imo.


Mhmm if the mount is bigger and got some intense lightning effects i can see that it look rly cool ingame

Yes the fire look similar to the one on the ironhoof destroyer (black hand mount) but tbh the black hand mount looks more ‘’ gladiator mount’’ than this one imo.

I’ m very disappointed ngl.

Well the game is still in Alpha so the model might change a bit but… PLS TRY BLIZZARD at least.

I think it looks awesome!
alot of players are gonna be happy about it :slightly_smiling_face:

bfa reskin

imagine 6 years later same mount

That is pretty bad for glad mount :s Look more like season reward vicious mount.

You like arena ? then why should the mount/rewards affect your choice to play?

you don’t like arena ? then why should the mount/rewards affect your choice to play?

play what you like.

What if you like cosmetics.

I get what you’re saying though, but I’m heavily driven by cosmetics, even if I have to crawl across hot coal.

ye id say this is a problem, but ive already given a taken on the whole thing by ranting on youtube for 30 minutes about how people put theymself through stuff they do not enjoy for cosmetic rewards only for blizz to literally take that as feedback and provide even more cosmetic and content we do not like knowing people will still play into that

can’t tell u how many facebook posts ive seen of people “man plunderstorm is horrible grind but ill get my pirate costume”

imagine a world where u play what u like, and blizzard add rewards to that content because they see people playing that

cause and effect.


I just came back to the game after 5 months and I see this lol. Wod glad mounts look like heaven compared to this.

On the positive side I wont be wasting my time in lfg, This glad mount is a slap to the face of anyone pvping right now and ever pvped. I wont even ask blizzard to change it let 3v3 die.


it hurts my eyes w/e i see messages like this

blizzard needs to stop trying to satisfy everyone We saw it well with plunderstorm, some people loved it and others hated it, is that a reason to delete the feature? I do not think so

I think most of the people here don’t understand what a problem it is when a mount or elite set looks bad

it means in the end, less Players care, and we will have less participation, if we have no Fomo, because People dont care about the Trash rewards, the Deflation will be even worse