Season 2 Elite PvP sets (noob question

Hey guys, I’ve seen a few people ask this, but I can’t find a consistent answer.

If I reach 1800 on my SPriest and unlock the elite set, will I be able to transmog this on my Mage?

No, the sets from Dragonflight are class specific, unlike those from BFA/Shadowlands which are armour-type based. You need to unlock them on each class you want to wear it.

awww man… that’s super sad :frowning:
is there any reason for this? Spell specific animations or something?

No reason except cosmetic - class fantasy, they are just like all the tier sets from before BFA.

they want you to play multiple alts

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People complained about it being armor type transmogs
So if you hated the leather that season - tough
They also felt it was lazy of blizzard
so class specific came back

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The same reason you cannot equip a Mage Tierset item from the raid.

The only times this happened were in BFA and Shadowlands, when the sets were armor specific instead of class specific

Hey, thanks!

But the “reason” you have provided is not a reason, only a statement that it’s always been this way.

If you reach Elite rating on your priest, it means you’re a good priest.
It doesn’t mean you’re a good mage.

Why would you deserve to parade around with a set that says “I am a good mage” if you are not, in fact, a good mage?

This is the reason.

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Using the Priest elite set on my Mage would not send the message that I’m a good Mage, because it is unlocked via Priest :slight_smile:

Oh I see.
Well in that case it’s just a matter of the game being designed around each class having unique sets.
It’s not PvP specific.

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